"Some women are CALLED to be Queens and others were CREATED to be EMPRESSES!"

~ Famira


as seen in....


As your Soul Strategist for Entrepreneurs, and creator of BRANDish™ I get it because you are me and I am you. I understand that you have an innate need to show up in this world as your authentic self, not the made up "perfect" self, glorified in the online world. What I enjoy most is helping amazing women entrepreneurs like YOU, who are Spiritual Leaders, Healers and Thought Leaders with BIG Soul Purposes that are trailblazing a new path or that are tearing down old industry paradigms. I do this by helping you attract your sacred tribe with your authentic voice while doing what you love, transforming the world, and making impact and income!


And that's why you started your biz in the first place right, Empress? To change the world in your own distinct way?

Well let’s get to work!


Utilizing my God-Given gifts of being able to see brands through the lens of my left brain and right brain simultaneously, I am able to help Visionaries see the detailed steps and Thought Leaders see the big picture visually.  This combined with spiritual guidance and intuition (yes I welcome the woo) allows me to see the things that you may find difficult to put in words.  A couple of common phrases I hear from clients are... "that's exactly how I envisioned it in my head." or "Those are the words I've been looking for to describe what I do!" 


"Working with Famira, was so much more than I expected...."

/  Steph Stanford/


Ready to tap into your Soul-Inspired Empire™?

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Working with me you will see that your brand goes far beyond something that just “looks pretty”. You’ll also get to understand your voice, how you want to show up, receive clarity on who you want to serve at a soul level, and how to create the experience that you want your clients to have when working with you.  See what my client Kalvina Shelton had to say about this…. 

I will show you how to infuse your business with storytelling, strategy, and soul in order to create a brand that shows the world the Empire you're co-creating with the Divine.

As someone who understands the struggle of showing up as ALL of she was/is, I also understand the urge to play small and try to fly under the radar.  So before you even go there, let me say this to you now…..NO MORE!  It’s time to find your voice, build your brand, serve your clients, and....


It's time to recognize you ARE an Empress and your throne is waiting on you.  No one can take it from you.  The only person that can keep you from occupying your throne and having a flourishing empire is YOU!  So if you're a Spiritual Leader, Healer or Thought Leader that has ever been called a.... 

Trailblazer * Rebel * Visionary * Maverick * World changer * Globetrotter * Showstopper * Advocate *

This is for YOU and I welcome you!  The EMPRESS in me recognizes the Empress you. I welcome you home!  It's time to stop trying to be and just BE! 


So if you’re ready to up-level your brand and share at a heightened level of authority in your industry then we need to talk. 

BE Epic! Let's GO! 


I trust Famira completely with the my brand, both  business and my ministry.  

/  Dr. Marilyn E. Porter /