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So glad you came to visit me at my online residence.  I hope you enjoy your time here and you find it a valuable experience.

Who is ......


Well let me tell you….

I am a divinely led Global Thought Alchemist™ and a Globetrotting Fashionista!  But most of all, I am a fanatic of Creative Brand Strategy and a font enthusiast!  I help amazing women entrepreneurs like YOU, with trailblazing a path to create a brand that makes them truly STAND OUT!  Also, up level your visibility to increase your reach and your bank accounts.  Which helps YOU achieve your ultimate passionate purpose of impacting the World! 

Utilizing my God-Given gifts of being able to see brands through the lens of left brain and right brain simultaneously; I am able to help Visionaries see the detailed steps and Thought Leaders see the big picture visually.

Being the Best Kept Secret in Business IS NOT A GOOD THING!! 

How do I know?  Because for a while I was just that.  I became a full time entrepreneur after being let go from a job.  (something I pretty much manifested before I was ready and saw coming before it happened….but that’s a convo for a later time over some hot tea or a cocktail…LOL) For the first 8 months even though my clients loved my work and I got tons of Client Communication of Celebration; I still just couldn’t get my brand visible.

To say it was frustrating ……. MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT! 

It seemed like no matter what I did; investing in books, conferences and coaches I couldn’t make it happen.  Then I decided to get out of the box, to ultimately ELIMINATE the box all together! I chose to take what and take what I had learned, paired with my experience and education and trust my own instinct.  And YES to listen to the encouragement of my Coach at the time and my circle of Business Sisters that I’m in community with (we all need them ladies).  That’s when the switch flipped and it was like the whole world could finally see ME and what I had to offer through my brand!


I want to work with you to reverse the “Best Kept Secret” curse over your business.  Working together I will help you to not only SHOW UP but to also STAND OUT!  And I mean to truly stand out in the uniqueness that is you! No box, no boundaries, no stipulations.

Well one stipulation.  The one stipulation is that you’re a woman tired of the status quo; who’s ok with being a rebel and ready to put in the work!  So let me help you move you from a brand mystery to a memorable brand on the lips of all your ideal destiny clients.  Those clients that you were born to help with your gifts will be drawn to you once you’re crystal clear on who they are and how you’re going to serve them.

As someone who struggled most of her life with self-esteem and with showing up as ALL of she was.  I understand the urge to play small and try to fly under the radar.  So let me say this to you now…..NO MORE!  It’s time to find your voice, build your brand, serve your clients, and


So are you a multi-faceted, multi-gifted, and multi-passionate and ready to create the brand you’ve been envisioning?  Or do you see yourself as one of the following:


I welcome you!  So if this is you, then EMPRESS we should talk maybe we are cut from the same cloth.  Schedule a Diamond Introduction Session now.