2018 Black Women Life Coaches to Watch!

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In this want it and I want it now society that we live in, everyone is in search of quick fixes and right now answers. This fix now I am broken mindset has paved the way for a for the personal and business development coaching and consulting space to expand like never before. So as we are drawing 2017 to a close, if you’re anything like me you’re in search one of these highly trained and engaged saints - called life coaches (strategists, gurus. experts, etc.) my team has been watching a few that are emerging in the online space. But before I share my thoughts and findings with you, you know there must be an anchor p someone that has already achieved great notoriety and noted results in the industry. As a Branding Expert my newsfeed, inbox and life is full of other business, personal, and other coaches and experts, which prompted me to watch a few of them - I actually suggest that you watch them too in 2018.

I teamed up with my good friend and Life Coaching Superstar Dr. M. E. Porter, affectionately as known as The Soul Shifter and becoming known as, The Scatter Brained Genius’ Coach. I wanted to see who she would choose as her coach if she had unlimited financial resources. I was not absolutely shocked to hear the name Iyanla Vanzant. Now if you don’t know who Iyanla is, allow me to introduce you to Miss “Fix My Life’ herself! Iyanla Vanzant is incomparable , a true life coach in every sense of the two words - heck, she is fixing everyone’s life! I mean, she is on Oprah’s network as a life coach that says it all!

Iyanla is a life changer, but more importantly she has the strength and fortitude to change her own. She went from being a single mother on welfare, the loss of her daughter and went bankrupt. However those are not the things people recognize her for; Iyanla is a six time New York Times Best-selling author (also a goal of mine). She’s been seen many stages, from the Essence Festival and to her Number 1 reality show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network - I know I said that before but it warrants repeating! Iyanla’s no nonsense style is something that I’m drawn to and so are millions internationally. She is currently leading the AWAKEN challenge where she intends to bring the world back to awareness and love. Iyanla I am here for all of that! Check her out www.iyanla.com and sign up for the AWAKEN ONE MILLION challenge and tell me what you think about Ms. Vanzant.

But what exactly is a life coach? According to Oxford dictionary - a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. So a life is someone who has dedicated their life to supporting the success of others. You can add a few prefixes; business, executive spiritual, or branding, like myself; which indicate genre or master, certified, or professional; which indicate the level of skills acquired. I believe Iyanla is a healer, almost more a practitioner than a life coach but she is the reigning Queen in this space, but remember I have been watching a few other that may be on Iyanla’s heels!

Here’s a life and business coach to watch to watch in 2018 - Donna “The D.I.” Izzard, I have had my eye on The D.I. for a few years now. Her message is one of faith and authenticity. Donna encourages her audiences and clients to give respect to their “silent investors” (employer), while they are in the process of building their business empires. Keep your eyes on this one. Join The D.I. on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/ceoprayers/

I truly appreciate how the expert space is available to both faith- based and secular individuals and they playing field is pretty dang level! Which brings to mind another faithpreneur, The Reverend Hope Sutton - who dawns the slogan “Hope is here!” Hope serves her tribe from the coaching and consulting firm in Atlanta, Ga, She Is Powerful, INC. She is indeed making a powerful change in this space, visit Rev. Hope at her E-Home, http://www.sheispowerful.com.

Let’s talk finances for a moment. The coaching and consulting business has changed the game for many, especially those in the African American community - it had made 6-figure earning very possible for many who would be considered educated or skilled enough to enter into that tax bracket. A little known fact, Motivating The Masses is owned by Life Coach and CEO Lisa Nichols is publicly traded! Lisa, like Iyanla started with nothing but a will to change her and her son’s life and serve others. There are others to watch for in this expert space, but I could not write this article without mentioning Ms. Nichols.

I found myself really impressed with the next women on our expert watch - she is speaking to an issue that is plaguing our right now - bullying. I hate bullying! I will say that again just because I can, “I hate bullying!” I have compassion for the bully, but I despise their damaging actions towards others. Dr. Irene Okoronkwo - Obika is working to eradicate childhood bullying, so I see as an anti-bullying coach (my words not hers). I honor you Dr. Irene with all sincerity. Keep your eyes on Dr. Irene in 2018, she is one to watch! Support her cause here http://chisomthechamp.com/

The coaches are coming! The coaches are coming! I know that I already mentioned Dr. M.E. Porter, but I would be remiss if I did not offer you just a little bit more about this real-to-the-bone sista, who is so passionate that she often leaves her clients in tears but wanting more! When asked a few years back during an interview who her competition was in the industry, she confidently replied “If there is any competition, it has to be Iyanla only because we seem to have the same mission to heal people before we try to fix them!” Well you heard it here first (or maybe second). She calls herself a Spiritual Acuity Coach, but the truth is that most of her clients are with her for he business and marketing skills. You can visit Dr. Porter at her E-Real Estate: www.marilyneporter.com or follow her on Twitter @TheSBGCoach

So let’s wrap this coaching conversation up with my final few Expert to Watch in 2018 n the coaching industry; if I mention your coach send me an email and let know:

Empowerment Coach Twylia Reid is on the rise in both the coaching world and as a bestselling author. Twylia is not afraid to being her faith to the coaching session and believes strongly in service to others. You can watch her at http://www.twyliareid.com/

WHEW! This girl is on FIYAH! Coach Toy Parker is igniting lives with her high impact, straight to the heart of the matter style. Toy is no beginner to the business world and she brings all of skills to the table as an empowerment coach. If I were you, I’d take my advice and head on over to her website https://toyparker.com. Don’t sleep on these experts in 2018, I am telling you that if you need support. I have done the work for you, just point at click!

And lastly, I must pay homage to the coach who deems herself the non-coach; Miss Stevii Aisha Mills. Stevii is a personal development powerhouse but her passion is getting you seen in the media. As a PR Coach Stevii spends her days preparing her clients for television and radio exposure and offers 1 on 1 consulting. You can catch her at www.stevii.com.

When all is said and done, you must know what you need to some degree before a life coach can serve you at their highest. What I mean is, if you need a personal life intervention, don’t seek out a business coach. Get honest with yourself in 2018 and then go find the coach that can keep you accountable to your own honesty.

Hope this helps!

It's my Voice and I'll use it WHEN and HOW I want too!

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There's been a lot of conversation happening in these Facebook streets lately.  Women are using their voices in a powerful way.  Now everyone I don't always agree with their words, but I'm ALWAYS here for women of all races, ages, religions and backgrounds exercising their rights to speak.  

Not only to speak, but to speak boldly, powerfully and unapologetically in her truth.  As long as she's also big, bold, and bad enough to accept any consequences and response to her words.  However with all that I have been witnessing I must speak up about a few of my observations that are quite frankly on my nerves.  

In society's current state of affairs there are a lot of conversations around race relations taking place.  Especially those convos around social justice, healing and activism.  These are tough convos that are hard to have.  And I am witnessing two issues that disturb me; and they are two sides of the same destructive coin. 

And they are:

**** Telling me WHEN to use my voice.
**** Telling me HOW to use my voice. 

So let's talk about it.  On one end I see women, mostly white women in the healing, spiritual and coaching arena telling women of color that now isn't the time to talk about race relations and white supremacy.  They keep saying now is the time for "love and light", for "prayer and meditation", etc along those lines.  They say to those speaking out about injustice that now isn't the time because conversation doesn't change anything; they are just getting people riled up.  

My question when I read these types of posts is, "Who are you to tell me WHEN I can use my voice".  These aren't the days of yester year when you as a white woman could demand my silence and receive it at your every whim.  The fact that you still think you can, speaks to your white privilege fueling our white supremacist ideology......... the VERY thing that women of color are speaking out against.  


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The flip side of that coin is all the posts that I read telling me HOW to use my voice.  And unfortunately the majority of those posts that I see are from women of color.  Now I maybe setting myself up for a modern day Crucifixion with my following words.  But I am here to cause transformation through my words by causing thought and reflection. 

There's a lot of WOC telling other WOC HOW to use their voice.

"You're not speaking up loud enough."
"You're being too loud, they won't take you seriously."
"How can you speak out against one thing and not another?"
"You're being too harsh, where's your femininity."


Look my sister I have worked hard to reclaim, understand, and share my voice with the world.  Don't beat me down because I don't use mine like you.  I mean if my voice was just like yours it would be your voice, and not mine.  

There's so many different ways in which our sisters can show up. When you attack other WOC about how they use their voices you do more damage than good.  It doesn't help often times it causes women to retreat back into the shell they just emerged from.  We already have enough to overcome to use our voices boldly we don't need to feel anything but support from our sisters.  And support doesn't mean you have to condone or even agree with what our sister says however celebrate them.

Celebrate the fact that she spoke up in the midst of a culture who’s never shown value in her voice and denying the fact that she is the Empress of the Earth.

When you tell her HOW to speak.....


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As for me and MY voice I've fought long and hard to know that I can use it WHENever I want to and HOWever I want to!! Agree or agree to disagree and I can respect that. But try to place my voice in a box and be ready for me to come BUSTING out and on fire!


Your Voice IS ENOUGH!


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Your Voice IS ENOUGH!

I’ve been on this journey of personal development for about 2 years now and it’s increased within the last 6 months. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it. Personal development much like losing weight doesn’t happen overnight when done in a healthy way. Why? Because just like you didn’t gain those 5, 10, 20 extra pounds overnight, neither did you develop the beliefs, habits, and character you’ve got today overnight.

Well the past 5 weeks has truly been a turning point in my personal development. It all started with me making the realization that I needed to create a morning routine. That jumping out of bed at the last possible second and starting my day probably isn’t the best thing to do for my mind, body, or spirit. But just like with most changes I didn’t act on it, simply thought about it. I KNOW I’m not the only one that’s done that. So, I kept it to myself and kept doing what I’ve always been doing, all while wanting something different. CRAZY INSANE, RIGHT?

Well God has a way of continuing to show up with the same message until you get it. So, what happened, I rekindled with an amazing man and we one day we were talking and shares something with me. He tells me that he too has been doing some reading and watching videos and the one thing he’s found that all successful people have in common is….. YEP you guessed it…..


So we began getting up with him…..as a part of my new morning routine I have been spending a lot of time watching new videos. And one morning I was on the Mindvalley and was introduced to Marisa Peer. I watched several of her A-Fest talks and today I watched one titled “The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough” by Marisa Peer. (here’s the link to watch, I highly recommend it. http://bit.ly/mpenough)

I agreed fully with everything that she shared in this talk. I even thought about how the number one aliment of many entrepreneurs is Imposter Syndrome and that at the root of that is “I’m Not Enough”. As a Creative Brand Strategist, I see this play out in a LOT of the Heart-centered and Mission-driven Entrepreneurs that I encounter; from clients to colleagues. I truly believe that the remedy to imposter syndrome is to own your WHOLE story, not only the written part of the past, but also the unwritten part that you're co-creating for the future. And that starts with telling yourself the truth as Marisa teaches… I AM ENOUGH!

I also had a conversation with another friend an AMAZING woman and great at what she does. Lisseth Wertz the CEO of Path To Yourself is a Quantum Leap Coach who guides awaken women in the art of conscious manifestation. She’s amazingly gifted. She taught me one fabulous truth about owning our story. We must decide are we here to keep wearing the story or are we here to shed light on the story. I’m going to let that sit with you for a moment….

"We must decide are we here to keep WEARING the story or are we here to SHED LIGHT on the story." ~ Lisseth Wertz

Immediately I thought of an old smelly coat (of course I would thing fashion…lol). That coat may have gotten you through some really tough weather and kept you warm, but know you have the means to have more would you pass an opportunity at a new coat to keep wearing that old and smelly one? Or would you gladly take the new coat and simply remember the goodness and the lessons that your old coat told you and share those lessons with others?

It’s from this place that you can stand in power and own your past and take responsibility for your future and live out your present. Forgive yourself and make the decision from this day forward to always choose the truth of the Divine. And what is that truth?

That you ARE ENOUGH and your voice is NECESSARY! Stop worrying about others are doing and even what they aren’t doing and focus on what you’re here to do…. and then DO THAT! I’ll tell you this, getting to this place is so freeing for me. I know that I have more work to do within myself, but I’m happy with the progress I’m making. I under my mission as well as my purpose and I honor it. I’ll share my story and I’ll share it often so that one of you or many of you will get the courage or the conviction to share your own.

Especially in this current state of affairs around the world it’s not a time for your voice to fall silent. It’s not a time for you to not want to support your sister as she finds her voice. I personally have never understood or believed in the old saying “Do as I say not as I do”. So, I hope that in sharing this time of growth that I’ve been experiencing will be you seeing me DOING as well as SAYING and be the spark that causes you to move as well.

Simply discovering your voice, or rediscovering it for that matter means nothing if you don’t use it. Use it to first speak greatness into yourself Empress and then speak to the Empress of those women around you. And not everyone was created to be an Empress, but whether resonate with being a Queen, Countess, Duchess, whatever your voice is necessary. Someone is waiting on you to tell your story so that they may have the road-map to their own destiny, why are you holding up their journey?

When you get to the place of truly want to create impact in your community and globally you will realize that it's not about you. It's truly about those that will be touched and transformed by your work.  It's in that moment that you understand and come to a place of knowing that YOUR voice is enough! YOUR mission is important! YOUR purpose must be carried out.    

This is my calling in life to start a moment of women that their brands are an extension of their voice, that their books are an extension of their voice. Even their style and how they show up online is an extension of their voice.  And you must use it fiercely and without fear. Lives are ACTUALLY depending on it. Let's go Empress we've got work to do!

Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #7 – Patrice C. Washington

photo credit: Patrice C. Washington Facebook

photo credit: Patrice C. Washington Facebook


This is Day 7 of Women To Know – Making Black History Today and I'm here to pay tribute to a woman that is greatly responsible for the fact that I am an Entrepreneur today.  She was literally the answer to a pray on January 8, 2014.  I told God I was tired of doing things the same as I had been doing it when it came to finances.  I needed help.

That morning I got into my car to head to work and turned on the radio and I began listening to the Steve Harvey Morning show as I had done every morning before.  However this morning it would be different it would change the direction of my life.  This particular morning he has a special guest on to speak about finances. The special guest was Patrice C. Washington, The Money Maven.  She was talking about her book "Real Money Answers for Every Woman".  I begun following her and learning from her from that day on.

Within the book she teaches about entrepreneurship as one method to change the trajectory of your financial legacy.  Creating more income is one way in which to speed up your financial goals, it has a direct impact on your financial reality.  The more I learned the more I understood that this was the path I was meant to be on.  Patrice uses the story of her rise and crash in the real estate market to explain why financial empowerment is so important to her and why it's been her calling in life for this season of her life.  

Watching Patrice over the last three years has showed me that it is ok to share the challenges you've overcome and use it to fuel the passion behind your message.  She often states that she had a passion for financial education, but it was her struggle that gave her the compassion needed to carry it out.  She believes the things that she goes through in life and business are experiences not only for herself, but they are for her to share so that others may benefit.  That they may have the knowledge needed to not go thru the same things she's had to overcome.  

It's been motivating to me as I've experienced Patrice walk out her dreams, because her dreams align with dreams I have for myself.  As an Entrepreneur it's important for us to find those that are 10 steps ahead of us instead of only looking to those that are 50 or 100 steps ahead of us.  Those that are 10 steps ahead will help to motivate us to want more.  Not only will they motivate us to want more but they help us BELIEVE that it is possible for us too.  When we only watch the Oprah's and the Tony Robbins' it's easy to get discourage and want to give up because we're not getting to their level fast enough.  But when you watch the Patrice's of your life they reinforce what's attainable for us all.

So THANK YOU Patrice for showing me what I can truly attain in my life and with my brand.  For showing me that if I'm willing to put in the work and truly have a heart for those who I serve, that my gifts will indeed make room for me.  It's been an honor to watch you blossom and I look forward to what is in store for you in the future.  

If you're reading this and are looking to answers for your financial struggles I introduce you to Patrice C. Washington.  You want to get to know her.  Patrice, my "Cousin In My Head" I appreciate you for doing things your way and modeling for those of us watching you that we can do the same.   

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!

Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #6 – Nicole Walters

photo credit: Nicole Walter's Facebook Page

photo credit: Nicole Walter's Facebook Page


Tonight is Day 6 of  Women To Know – Making Black History Today!  So far in this series you've been introduced to some amazing women who are doing big things in business and creating an impact along the way.   Well tonight is noooooooo different.

Tonight I'm paying tribute to ScOprah herself! No that's not a typo, it says ScOprah and that's what I meant!  The fabulous Nicole Walters with her illuminating melanin that she references in many of her Periscopes.  She's definitely an industry leader and an influencer in the livestream world.

But why do I love Nicole? I love her because she's unapologetically her!  She is very open about her love for God and being a follower of Christ.  She doesn't dilute her beliefs to appease others and she at the same time she is genuinely welcoming of people with all religious beliefs.  How does she do it?  By creating a platform with a foundation of love and respect of all people. Nicole Walters is the founder of The Monetized Life™ and the creator of highly sought after program $1K1Day!

She's one that invites all of her Richfriends into her full life.  As she shares the shenanigans that is her life with he loving husband affectionately know to all as The Hubbin and her 3 daughters she's been blessed with through foster care turned adoption.  But she also invites everyone into the tough times like how she quit her 6 figure corporate position LIVE on Periscope! Who does that? ScOprah that's who! She is always finding ways to walk out her journey in a way that allows others to see and know that they TOO can create the life of their dreams if they want to.

Shes is dedicated to showing entrepreneurs how to live a monetized life.  As an Income Strategist she  shows you how to create multiple streams of income in your  business from the very first day that you open your doors.   The other thing that I find absolutely wonderful about Nicole is the way in which she has created COMMUNITY.  Those within her tribe understand that it is a HONOR to be considered a Richfriend.  Just ask any one of them about the community that Nicole as created.

As impress as it is that she created a million dollar company within a year what's more impressive the bond that she's created with those that follow her.  And it's it's on display daily not only in how we (yes I AM a Richfriend) interact with one another, but also in the decisions she makes in regards to her business and where to take it next.  Her heart always leads her to do what's best for community.  It's what I watch and learn from daily.

And though she is someone who has shared the stage with great names such as  Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield, and Dave Ramsey, she remain true to her values and what she holds as most important.  And thought she has such an infinity for her community she has mastered how to still maintain boundaries as to not be overwhelmed by the thousands of people she is impacting daily.  I'm still learning that boundary things so it something that I admire about her.

It's wonderful to watch a woman wit such a liberated voice as Nicole's share so openly and yet still created such a viable business that is truly changing the lives of not only her tribe, but of her own family.  It's for this reason that I THANK YOU Nicole.  Thank you for being a role model in this way to all those that come into contact with you.

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!

Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #5 – Cheryl Wood

photo credit: Cheryl Wood's Facebook Page

photo credit: Cheryl Wood's Facebook Page


Tonight is Day 5 of Women To Know – Making Black History Today! And there's no surprise that as someone that totally believes in the power of a woman with a liberated voice that I'd honor this woman.

She's someone who is not only using her own voice to motive thousands but she also coaches other women to do the same with their voice.  Who am I referring to? Speaker Coach Extraordinaire, Cheryl Wood of Cheryl Wood Empowers.  She's an award winning international Speaker, Author, Coach & Entrepreneur.....whew there's nothing this woman can't do!

But despite all of her accomplishments and high honors; just five minutes in her presence and you'll discover she's one of the most relatable, heart-centered women you'll ever meet. I've heard her tell the dynamic story of her humble beginnings, her accidental stumble into her speaking career as she was selling t-shirts (her first entrepreneurial endeavor) several dozen times. And every time it's as captivating as the first time. 

Her story is one that you can find yourself in no matter where you are in life.  Whether you're the busy career woman whose missing time with her family, the person who grew up not having a lot, having the stats stacked against you, that you'll never be more, you're a woman, a minority...whatever it is....Cheryl shows you one thing.....


She's constantly pouring wisdom into her tribe whether it's via livestreams on her Facebook page, on her radio show, or at her annual Play Time Is Over (PTIO) Conference.  She's always helping those around her to stretch and move themselves to their next best levels.

What stands out the most to me as I study how Cheryl operates (yep I'm strategically observant) is the genuine love the women she serves have for her and she in turn has for them.  In 2016 I had the honor to serve as a member of her Social Media Team for PTIO and I got to see first hand the way in which she and her clients served and supported one another.   To witness the love and pride Cheryl held in her eyes for each of her clients as they took the stage to share their own voice and their story with the audience was breathtaking.

It showed me that when you serve from a pure heart and genuinely want to see your clients succeed there's nothing they won't do in turn to support you.  That's what true impact looks like to me.  To witness lives change before your eyes in 3, 6, or 12 months that someone worked with you and know it's not you. Cheryl is one to share that yes she's good at what she does (because she is), but she'll also say it's because she's walking in her divine soul purpose.  Using the gifts places within to bless others.

In watching and learning from her I've learned that I can be authentically me and still be embraced by those I'm meant to serve.   All while having a husband and children that love and support me (an important thing to this single woman with no children). Cheryl, freely shares that part of her life within her brand.  So because of this and so much more that I can't go into because this is just a blog post, not a book.  I say this to you Cheryl,

THANK YOU!! Continue to speak your truth and spread your love. The world needs it, heck I need it still. 

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!