Empress Manifesto


We are a legion of Empresses embarking on a mission to change the world in which we live.  Our entire lives we've been told....

               We're TOO Much

               We're Rebels

               We're Different

               We're Doing The Most

And they've tried to make us think that there was something wrong with that.  And for most of us we've believed their lies for years, months, or even for that one minute that was the longest 60 seconds of our life!

We've allowed them to make us....

doubt our brilliance,

down play our genius,

deny our sensual nature,

reject our creativity,

bury our many talents,

find conformity in our beauty, and

pass up our passion.


TODAY we're lighting a bonfire as a signal to all the other Empresses of the world. Letting out our War cry to draw them all in.

For the Empress Trailblazer  who has been searching for others that understand that there is NO BOX....

For the Empress Seeker looking for a place of refuge where connection is real and not a figment of your imagination...

For the Empress Superstar who wants her success measured by more than likes and follows on social media...

For the Empress Connector who believes that you can collaborate with  your sisters without cattiness or cut throat competition....

For the Empress Thought Leader who knows that the genius in your sister doesn't negate, diminish, or erase the genius within her.... 


From now on we completely embrace the truth....

              WE ARE TOO MUCH..... for most people, but their not who we're here to serve anyway.

              WE ARE REBELS..... you can't start a revolution following the rules, now can you?

              WE ARE DIFFERENT..... who wants a world where we're all the same....can you say BORING!

              WE ARE DOING THE MOST .... the most good, creating the most impact, and facilitating the most change.


We are here with a message for the world! 

We are here to be innovating in creating change!

We are here to challenge your thoughts as well as your beliefs!

We are here to stand up against injustice no matter who it's affecting!

We are here to celebrate the diversity that makes us special!

We are here to stand with, hold up, and reach back to all our sisters!


Join Us!