Don't Leave That Story Inside You!


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." ~ Maya Angelou

Two years ago on my birthday I wrote a Facebook post that shared my feelings around the fact that I had went back to work a 9a to 5p. This was a REALLY big deal because I had been a full-time Entrepreneur for two years. Also, with almost every Influencer sharing that going back into the workforce would be the death blow to my business (which couldn't be further from the truth), let's just said I had anxiety about sharing it out loud.

However, I decided to share it anyway… why? Because it was my truth and I knew I needed to. And at the end of the day, I get tired of only having people share the good and fun sides of their businesses… I want to see the truth! And in that, I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. Well needless to say the response was OVERWHELMINGLY positive. You would think from that experience that I would now be this always courageous Empress ready and willing to put all my truths out into the world.

Not So Much!!

I believe as you evolve and your brand evolves there will be those things that are hard to discuss. And there will be those untold stories that we agonize over whether to share or not. But I do believe that when the time is right and our own unique ways we can share those stories that are imperative to who we are as a person and the mission we’re on with our brands. Now this is only true for those Entrepreneurs out there who are Heart-centered and Mission-driven. Not every entrepreneur is aiming to impact the world or their clients/customers and that’s OK. But for all of us who are, it’s important that we understand that in telling our stories that we also invoke strategy (more on that coming later).

But for the purpose of this post I just want to encourage you to stop agonizing over that one leg of your journey, stop holding it in. Share it with your audience and know that if you’re going through it or have been through it someone else has as well. So remember the best brands are about more than building a business…. It’s about sharing a story that will encourage, enlighten, education, or energize the person reading it. So let that agony go and share on honey! Share on!

Need help on exactly how to do this with your brand? Make sure that you've joined Empress Nation for more information on how to do that! I look forward to you joining us on this journey!