Find Your Voice & Share Your Gift

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"Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs." ~ Stephen Covey

Finding my voice for me means sowing good seed with the words I speak. Nope that hasn't always been the case....I've been reckless with my tongue in the past. However, I've learned a couple of things over the years....


We all have to be careful with what you are attracting into your life! The Law of Sowing and Reaping is just as powerful as the Law of Attraction and they go hand in hand. You cannot say positive things and concentrate on positive things like the Law of Attraction teaches us and SOW negative or evil things with your actions and think you're going to Reap goodness, abundance and prosperity. And the opposite is also true! You can be a "do gooder" with a negative mouth and think that GREATNESS will abound!

Both your words and your actions must be in alignment with your pure intentions in order to reap the FULLNESS of the ABUNDANCE that life has waiting on you! It breaks my heart when I see women that in action seem to have it ALL together and give the appearance that they recognize their self worth, but as soon as they open their mouths to speak you know it's all a show. That deep inside they don't really believe the show they're only performing!

So I just want to encourage everyone if this is you and you know that things in your life are not aligned and you're not attracting or reaping the harvest that you KNOW is your destiny, take the time to invest in yourself and get it straight! Once you do you will be AMAZED at the good things you will attract into your life!

What are you attracting? Is is what you want?


"We all are empowered with the choice to choose how we perceive ourselves and our lives. It's through this empowerment that we are able to embrace our authentic selves. Be a light in this dark world leading others to the safety of being themselves unapologetically!" ~ Famira


Be the best YOU that you can be at all times! People are watching you whether you realize it, believe it or not! So make the decision today to be an inspiration in your walk on this Earth! This is a part of legacy building. People always tend to focus on the financial legacy that one leaves behind and though that is GREAT it isn't everything!

It is the legacy of inspiration that TRULY lasts forever. Look at Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, and the great Maya Angelou! It's their legacies of inspiration that continues the move mountains and make a difference in the lives of others even after their deaths. The LEGACY of INSPIRATION that I'm working to leave is one of empowerment! Inspiring women who are trailblazers and unique that they do not need to subscribe to "the box" mentality. Even though they have been told their whole life that they are "too much"! Finally get to the point in life of not giving damn... and they're embracing their too muchness! Stepping into their True Empress Power!

So what will you inspire others to do? What shall be your legacy of inspiration?


Each of us has something unique to offer the world! It's up to us to take the time to DISCOVER it, UNCOVER it, and then SHARE it! There are people that are waiting for you to share your gift with the world that they may be encouraged, inspired, healed and their life saved! Who are we to deny the world of our gift? As they say the best ideas and life changing discoveries are in the cemetery because people didn't take the time to cultivate their gift, they allowed fear to hinder them from sharing their gift.

I know it's hard trust me I've hid my gifts and talents for a LONG time but recently I've been reminded that it AIN'T ABOUT ME and that I have to be willing to lose my ego of thinking it's about me to WIN in my life! So it's FULL STEAM ahead!

What are you doing today to discover your special gift? I challenge you to take 30 minutes today to discover what you have to offer the world from within! And make ONE action step to begin cultivating that gift! Will you do that?