Open Letter To You Empress!


Hey Empress! 

I see you over there building your Empire. You're gathering your thoughts and sharing your gifts. You're a BEAST at what you do even if many don't know it yet. Sometimes you're already touching hundreds but you know you're meant to touch thousands or even millions. 

However, for some reason the brand you've created (intentionally or unintentionally) doesn't seem to be reaching the clients that truly speak to your soul. You know those clients that light you up to work with them just as much as they're excited to work with you. You long to connect with the one's that you're destined to work with. 

👑I see you Empress and I understand you, I feel you in my soul.

Some days you find it hard to keep going, but it's your life's work so you know you can't give up now. The conflict warring within you often is too much to bare, but you are determined and a warrior so you keep moving forward. Even if it's as a crawl instead of the flying you desire to do. 

👑 I see you Empress and I understand you, I feel you in my soul.

Just know it's not in vain and you're closer than you think. Trust yourself. Look for guides who are actually willing to co-create with you, not simply create what they wish for you. You actually know within your soul what you need to do next, because you're spiritually in tune with your purpose and your gift. Find someone who will till your soul, water your gift, and help your brand to blossom. Just know......

👑 I see you Empress and I understand you, I feel you in my soul!

I'm here to support you on your journey. It's time to bring YOUR vision to life! There's no more time to waste. You must step up and scale up. It's a matter of life and death, not only for who you serve but also for the vision that lies inside of you. 

It's time Empress! 
I see you! 
I know you! 
I was you! 
I am you! 

👑 FAMIRA 💖💛💙