What's Your Revolution?


“That sounds nice, but is it realistic?” That’s what I was told by an ex-boyfriend when I expressed my desire for a large 10,000 sqft home as part of my dream life. At the time it stung a little, but I moved on and continued to dream and dream BIG! However, I began to dream silently and within a box. That became compounded by the saying “Live within your means”! Though that is a saying meant to spark fiscal responsibility, it too is yet another box. Because your life is directly connected to your thoughts, your faith, and your speech and too often we, well I say I would downplay my desires and the destiny that I had been given in vision b/c it did not look as though it fit within my “means”.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you've been downplaying your dreams to appease others around you. Desperately trying to maintain the confines of a box that you didn't even create for yourself. 

Welp I’m here to tell you all today 


I proudly and boldly proclaim that – “I’m here to build an EMPIRE! Not simply run a Kingdom…. I AM an EMPRESS!” What I know to be true is that I come from a Dynasty of Creative and Powerful Men & Women and I am here to continue that dynasty and take my lineage to the next level. So I release on this day all the things that people have said to me “with good intentions” that put in a box and held me back.

It is an ongoing release as I move to each new level. I invite you to make your own declaration today that you will no longer conform to any box. 

👑Dare to be different!

👑Dare to dream big! 

👑Dare to talk loud! 

👑Dare to embrace all of who you are! 

I am here to start a REVOLUTION for Creative Dreamers & Trailblazing Visionaries and guide you to the TRUTH……..THERE IS NO BOX!! Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Well I’m working to free MILLIONS (444 Million to be exact) of Women, Men, & Children from the slave mind trap of “THE BOX”! So I invite those ready to dismiss the BOX theory that has plague our society for generations to join the MOVEMENT! 

It’s truly time out for playing games, and if you’re playing small you’re playing games….I realized that I was living my life as though it was a game I played and not ON PURPOSE AND IN PURPOSE as I should! Welp that stops TODAY! I know I’ll step on toes along the way and I’m ok with that. Why? 

Because I don’t adhere to that saying “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” For two reasons; first, because yes sometimes people need the honey, but sometimes people need to be stung to wake up and appreciate and enjoy the honey. Secondly, who’s trying to catch flies anyway? I’m trying to move people to action to and become a Phoenix rising from the ashes into FREEDOM! 

So if you’re a Creative Dreamer & a Trailblazing Visionary whose been leery of making noise, of starting your revolution, of launching that “crazy” idea (which isn’t really crazy it’s actually genius) then I’m here to cheer you on, hold you accountable, catch you when you stumble and collaborate with to bring your Vision to life! That's what I call building a Soul-Inspired Brand!™ If you’re ready to build yours let’s have some Empress Talk! Schedule TODAY!

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