What's the Key to Your Success? - Your Uniqueness!


You probably have heard every Business and Branding Coach ask this question....

What makes your brand different? 
What's your Unique Selling Proposition or USP?

And if you're anything like I was you've spent hours, days, months, or in some cases years trying to figure it. Welp, let me let you in on a little secret. You're making it more difficult than it really is. 

Truth is.....

You're UNIQUENESS is the key to your success! Embrace being YOU in the marketplace. 

Ask yourself that's series of questions...

👑 What is that you can do in your sleep? That thing that seems like it doesn't even take and thought from you. And break it down to its simplest form. 

***** example one of mine is OBSERVATION but in its simplest form for me is that I recognize patterns. I see what's there, what's different, and what's missing. 

👑 What is it that I REALLY want to help people do with my business? Go deep, don't just think surface level. 

***** example I want to help women build brands that causes them to SHOW UP fully as the Empress they were created to be. 

👑 Then discover ways that the two can interconnect. 

*****example I use my gift of observation to recognize the patterns (what's there, what's different, and what's missing) from my clients businesses and brands that's keeping them from doing the very thing I want to help them do

... Show Up! 

That's something that make me UNIQUE it makes me... ME! And for most of you, you'll find that you have more than one answer to the first question. And that's good. Take all of those answers and see how they best fit and build upon one another to help you carry out the answer to number 2.

Still feeling challenged or like you're just TOO close to the picture to see these things for yourself? No problem I can help. I'm opening up some seats for my 1 on 1, 90 minute Empire Brand Strategy Sessions. I can walk you through this process and help you create an implementation plan that gets you off the sidelines and back into building your empire.