Diva You Are Worthy!

“Worth” seems to be the trending word of the moment.  They write songs about it and even have movies dedicated to lessons on it.  They are always telling us that we need to convince people of our worth.  Why do we spend so much time trying to convince others of what is individually based for each of us?  Yes I have been guilty of this as well. 

However, the act of convincing others of our worth is fundamentally wrong.  Think of it this way…there is a sexy pair of Christian Louboutin heels (I love shoes!) that you would love to own.  They have been assigned a price of $2,199 to represent their worth.  This is not a suggestion but a declaration by the person in charge of assigning worth to them, usually their creator.  So if you want them to grace your feet with their presence this is the amount you have to willing to pay.  This level of worth does not change unless the one assigning the worth decides to change it.  You can’t just walk into Nordstrom’s and say “I want those shoes for $49.99 please!” and expect to pay that amount.  No, that’s not exactly how it works.

This also translates into our monetary worth that we pursue in our careers and even in our businesses.  Are you truly charging what your work is worth or demanding the salary that your experience deserves?  More than likely you’re NOT! Just like most women in business.  You are probably allowing others to dictate to what your rates, product prices, and salary should be. Why? IS it out of fear? Fear of rejection or being afraid that clients won’t want to pay what you know your services are worth.  There is some truth because, some people won’t; they’ll think it’s too high and that what you’re offering isn’t worth the price.  Just know that’s ok.  Because just there will be some that won’t, there will be clients and employers that WILL see your worth and be willing to compensate you accordingly.  You just have to step out in faith and confidence.

So why do we continuously “suggest” and “convince” to others what our worth is instead of declaring it?  Could it be ultimately because we have not taken the time to consult that still small voice within us that tells us we are PRICELESS?  I challenge you and encourage you to take some time alone to reflect on the true contribution you are making with your gifts and talents. You’ll begin to realize that your talents, gifts, and skills are needed in the world and that you deserve to be compensated for it.  Stand strong in your purpose and passion! Ultimately by doing so you will attract the clients and customers that you truly want to work with. The ones that recognize the value you are offering in your services and products.

So my Divas no more negotiating, no more bargaining, no more clearance….Simply declare I AM WORTHY! Once you are to the place of being able to proclaim and DECLARE your worth and have your pricing reflect that fact, your Brand must also reflect this truth.  You cannot have Champagne pricing and value and visually your brand looks like it’s Lemonade Stand worthy.  That is a WHOLE other conversation, but TRUST me we’ll have that one soon! 

Until then remember to Always Live Your Beauty OUT Loud

Famira GreenComment