COLOR: 4 Secrets To Having Color Create Visual Brand Impact

Color has a major effect on us as people.  Whether we want to admit it or not we are visual creatures. No matter how DEEP or SPIRITUAL we may be, we are visual first!  No, that doesn’t make us shallow or petty it’s just a truth of how our senses work.  An image is so powerful because we’re able to take it in all at once.  Within an image there can be several pieces of information covered and we receive it at the same time whereas reading or hearing you take in the information bit by bit, causing the process to be longer. 

So since images are so important it would only make sense that Color within that image would be an important aspect of it.  So as a Business Owner it’s imperative that you grasp this concept when building your brand.  That’s why in this blog I want to cover what I believe are the 4 Secrets to Having Color Create Visual Brand Impact. 

You all know by now if you’ve been following me for any amount of time that I believe how you show up matters!  Many people downplay the importance of the image your create around your business, however I think this is just much a detriment to your brand as it would be to downplay the words you use in creating your brand.  They really go hand and hand to create impact on your Destiny Clients.  Which brings me to the first secret of Color…..

1.    Don’t Underestimate the POWER of color!

You must respect the power of color to harness its power.  No I’m not talking about in a magician type of way.   However, I do believe that we must respect all things that God has given us access to and color is one of them. Just close your eyes and imagine what this world would be like void of color. Would the garden or the ocean be as mesmerizing to experience?  Or the sea of people that are rushing through downtown or sitting in your favorite coffee shop would it give you the same feeling you get when you’re in the midst of without the power of color?  I don’t think so! 

When you’re building your brand it’s about the EXPERIENCE you want your clients to have just as much as it’s about the RESULTS you can help them achieve.  The Color of your visual pieces help in creating that experience. How?  I’m so glad you asked! That leads me right into secret #2.

2.    Color fosters the Experience of your Brand!

The colors you choose are very important in helping you create an environment of your brand before anyone ever even works with you.  Studies have shown that the relationship between brands and color hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand. Does the colors you’ve chosen appear to “fit” what your brand is all about? This is the perception that your potential clients will be looking at. Additional research has shown that there is a real connection between the use of colors and customers’ perceptions of a brand’s personality.

For example if your brand is speaking of tranquility and peace and relaxing, then using neon colors and visually bright colors would not convey that message.  That would be confusing to most and not fit the personality of the brand that you’re working to create!  In my Color Style Guide I go over the various emotions that colors have been known to evoke for this very reason!

3.    Color Tone is just as important as the color itself!

So often when I ask my clients what colors they have in mind for their brand they are very broad, for example they’ll tell me I want my colors to be purple and yellow.  What exactly does that mean?  Does that mean violet or lavender; does it mean lilac or Patriarch?  These are things that many people don’t even think about.  The tone of the colors that you chose will also affect the Visual Impact of your brand. There are various categories of tones from Bright Colors to Pastels those are two that most people are familiar with. However there are also Cool and Warm Tones as well as Midtones.  All of which give off different moods and they mix with one another at different degrees which create various levels of Visual Impact for your brand. Also, discussed in more detail in my FREE Color Style Guide.

4.    Let Your Color Be SHOWSTOPPING!

When choosing colors where it gets tricky is in the SHOWSTOPPING realm! How do you know that you’ve chosen the color concept that will be ShowStopping for your brand? It’s at the meeting of being authentic to yourself and bring true to what your potential clients are searching for.

This would appear to be something easy to do but in actuality this is the area that most Entrepreneurs struggle with.  Either they choose colors they love but that would not attract the clients they want to work with or they choose colors that will attract clients, but that they hate.  The sweetspot is to find the color palette that will speak to who you are and who they are at the same time.  Why is this so important?  This is important because ultimately you’re in business to attract clients and make money, if you weren’t you’d consider it a hobby.  However attraction is only part of the equation, authenticity is the other side of that coin, because once you attract them, you have to keep them!

Attraction + Authenticity = Advocates! An advocate is someone that will tell the world about you and your business and share their amazing experience with the world!  This is what you want to happen with your brand.  So take these 4 secrets and begin to delve into the world of color and start viewing it with NEW EYES!  Remember Vision is more important than Sight!

If you’ll like more help in this area please feel free to schedule a Diamond Discovery Session with me and I share with you how I may be able to support you in your journey! Now go out and BE SHOWSTOPPING!!