What I Learned About Going from "Hidden Figures" to World Figures Part 2

                So hopefully you’re here because you already read the first 3 lessons I learned from watching the movie “Hidden Figures”.  If not I encourage you to head over to the Huffington Post and get to reading.  Ok so no you don’t HAVE to read that one first, as long as you promise to go and check it out after you read this one.  Ok? Deal?

                “Hidden Figures” was jammed packed with lessons for Creative Dreamers & Trailblazing Visionaries.  So here’s three more…

                4. Walk In Your Purpose and You won’t Walk Alone:  Well let me put a caveat in that.  Yes there will be some periods of time alone but it won’t always be the case.  Eventually others will recognize what you’re trying to do and either walk with you or get out of your way.

                This was a major theme throughout the movie.  There were so many people and things that tried to stand in the way of these three women; Katherine Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (played by Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (played by Janelle Monáe).  The fact that they were Black Women in the sixties in the south working in a field that women were only meant to be “support” was enough barriers to keep most from excelling. But what we see as true is that there were others that rose up to help.

                The same is true for you.  If you are brave and determined enough to share your story, those that resonate with it will show up ready to support you.  However, if you never share your message, never make your genius known, never create your movement then support will never come.  We all must take the 1st steps and do the work.

                5.  Your Voice Is Necessary in the Bigger Picture of Humanity:  Now just like with everything there will be people that will try to discredit or marginalize the contributions of these 3 women.  But they will do so unsuccessfully.

                The truth remains that they each were an integral part in putting a man into space.  Just think if John Glenn (played by Glen Powell) never orbited the Earth? We may have never gotten to the moon.  Just think about will the things that we’ve learned about the Earth we live on because we visited space.  Humanity is better because of it.

                As soul-filled business owners we must use our voices.  This is why storytelling is so important to building your brand.  You have to share the good and the not so hot.  People resonate with stories.  You must create a brand that weaves in who you are in such a way that those you’re destined to serve connect to your Brand Voice like the Piped Piper.

                The final lesson that I learned from this amazing movie is….. 6. Your Story Will Create a Legacy That Others Will Know About:  When you’re a Revolutionary people will talk.  Some will talk good and others bad, but talk they will.  There will even be some that try to suppress your legacy, it will find its way to the light.  It would take 56 years for the story of these 3 ladies to be unburied and hit the mainstream.  But it would and it’s having an impact on hundreds even thousands of people of different ages, races, and genders.  Why?  Because their actions created a story of legacy; and when you do that it must have an impact on some level. 

                So as you create your brand and move forward on your dreams that some may call crazy.  Know that your legacy story is being written.  And the lives it’s meant to change whether thousands or one; it will evidently change those lives.  It must complete what it’s set out to do. 

                I hope you will make a decision today to share your story freely.  To build your dream without hesitation.  Create a brand that’s focused on changing lives (and more than just your own).  You may be the first, but by going first you ensure it won’t be the last.  By going first you show they potential as well as the possibility.  So stop being a Hidden Figure and show yourself to the world.  Need help with telling your story?  Let me help you get started with my two hour Masterclass, “The Art of Visual Storytelling”.  The world needs your contribution; it needs to hear your voice!