Women To Know - Making Black History Today

Day #3 - Amber Aziza

photo credit:   Amber Aziza 's Facebook Page

photo credit:  Amber Aziza's Facebook Page


It's Day 3 of my Women To Know - Making Black History Today tribute that I've put together to run through the end of the month. Missed Day 1 or Day 2? Head over to my blog to catch up, trust me you don't want to miss it.  Today's woman is someone most people know, at least that's how I feel.  If you're a Millennial in Entrepreneurship or a corporation interested in recruiting or retaining Millennials in your workforce then Amber Aziza is a MUST know for your list.

I've been following and connected to Amber since November 2014, when we both spoke on the same Telesummit.  Even then her topic of choice was "How to make yourself a Powerhouse Brand".  And that's exactly what she has created time and time again.  The things she's accomplished already in her life is award worthy.


- 10 years as a Corporate Training Executive
- Sold 1st company before she was 30 for a 7 figure payday (yep you read that right one million dollars)
- Started a new company, Asquared Coach and has reach similar heights with a Team of Coaches working with her
- Being a Sought after International Speaker

I could literally go on and on.

So on that alone you can see why I chose her for today's tribute, but those things aren't actually the things that impress me about this amazing woman.  What impresses me the most is her ability to be transparent and she's not afraid to show her own growth, No only as an Entrepreneur, but also as a woman.

She freely shares the stories of her past and present as well as her hopes for her future.  She often speaks of her family that she loves and was adopted by; which has a lot to do with her being a huge advocate for adoption and foster care.  She's also not afraid to use her platforms to stand up for social justice when she finds it necessary.  Showing the world that you can show the world your "whole" self and still build an amazing business.

That is what I admire most about Amber is that she's a hard hitting, tell it like it is voice in this world.  But even for all the truth telling she does she doesn't lose sight of the need to show compassion and heart when it's needed as well.  And most importantly when it comes to business she's not about that fluff.  If you've ever been on one of her Periscopes or FB Lives then you know exactly what I mean.

Not to mention if you've ever been on one of her webinars....VALUE GALORE!  That's truly the only way I can explain it.  Just know you better have your notebook and a pen that works or 2 or 3 before getting started.  I'm telling you from experience.

Bottom line is if anyone has ever told you that you that you can't be "all of that" or "share all of who you are" and have a successful business, they a LIE!  I present to you exhibit A and kindly point them to Amber Aziza of www.asquaredcoach.com.  And I will politely show them this multi-business having and selling Entrepreneur, who is a fighter of social justice, compassionate while straight forward, will step on your toes with the truth and be there to hug you later, an adoption advocate woman under 35. She's a shining example that you can be whoever you choose to be no matter your beginnings. And you can build the type of business you dream about without being passive or selling your soul.

And that's why she is today's, Women To Know!

So I say THANK YOU Amber! Continue inspiring both those younger and older than you (like me) to live our dreams and never give up.  It is your relentless tenacity that I love most!

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!


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