You've already laid out your plan to totally DOMINATE in 2016 as laid out during the Dynamic Domination Event.  However, if you're anything like me you have now had 1,456,798 NEW ideas since you first laid out that plan.  Sound familiar?  Welcome to my world. 

Well here are a few things that you can do it kick your 2nd Quarter into HIGH gear!  Girl it's time to unleash your Juicy Fabulousness on the World so let's get into EXECUTION mode! 

How do you .......BE 2nd Quarter Fierce? 

1.  Take an Assessment of your 1st Quarter! - Often we just keep plowing throughout the year and don't take any assessment until the end of year.  The problem with this approach is that you could have caught things and course corrected if you had assessed sooner.

2.  Set Your Goals for 2nd Quarter! - Yes I know you have your annual goals, but of those things what will you accomplish during this Quarter specifically.  What do you want to say you've completed by C.O.B. on June 30, 2016? Make a list of them.

3.  Create your Execution Strategy! - This is why it's so important that you have the basics of brand set so that you are clear of the direction you need move in.  This is where you will get specific on what you must complete in order to accomplish your goals.  Map it out and assign due dates to things.  (Need help, book a Creative Brand Strategy and I'll be happy to help you DIVA!)

4.  Schedule your Soul Care Moments! - It's easy to get lost in business goals and plans.  However you must take care of YOU first! So if you have to literally put it on your calendar do just that!  

5.  Hold Yourself Accountable, Not Hostage! - Yes in order to Be 2nd Quarter Fierce you must hold yourself accountable to getting things done!! Stop making excuses for lazy and playing small, be open and honest with yourself about your mess and get in motion!  This DOES NOT mean that you hold yourself hostage to your goals.  You must allow room for things to FLOW, for Divine Intervention, new opportunities, new direction, etc.  

6.  Make Time for FUN!! - Yes it's important that I make this a separate post here on this blog.  Often we as adults don't make time to just have some good old fashion fun.  I'm talking something that's going to cause laughter, bonding, and a feeling of blissful joy!  

Now put these 6 things into ACTION and go BE SECOND QUARTER FIERCE!! 

Please comment below and let me know ONE action step you will take to do just that! 

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