Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #5 – Cheryl Wood

photo credit:  Cheryl Wood 's Facebook Page

photo credit: Cheryl Wood's Facebook Page


Tonight is Day 5 of Women To Know – Making Black History Today! And there's no surprise that as someone that totally believes in the power of a woman with a liberated voice that I'd honor this woman.

She's someone who is not only using her own voice to motive thousands but she also coaches other women to do the same with their voice.  Who am I referring to? Speaker Coach Extraordinaire, Cheryl Wood of Cheryl Wood Empowers.  She's an award winning international Speaker, Author, Coach & Entrepreneur.....whew there's nothing this woman can't do!

But despite all of her accomplishments and high honors; just five minutes in her presence and you'll discover she's one of the most relatable, heart-centered women you'll ever meet. I've heard her tell the dynamic story of her humble beginnings, her accidental stumble into her speaking career as she was selling t-shirts (her first entrepreneurial endeavor) several dozen times. And every time it's as captivating as the first time. 

Her story is one that you can find yourself in no matter where you are in life.  Whether you're the busy career woman whose missing time with her family, the person who grew up not having a lot, having the stats stacked against you, that you'll never be more, you're a woman, a minority...whatever it is....Cheryl shows you one thing.....


She's constantly pouring wisdom into her tribe whether it's via livestreams on her Facebook page, on her radio show, or at her annual Play Time Is Over (PTIO) Conference.  She's always helping those around her to stretch and move themselves to their next best levels.

What stands out the most to me as I study how Cheryl operates (yep I'm strategically observant) is the genuine love the women she serves have for her and she in turn has for them.  In 2016 I had the honor to serve as a member of her Social Media Team for PTIO and I got to see first hand the way in which she and her clients served and supported one another.   To witness the love and pride Cheryl held in her eyes for each of her clients as they took the stage to share their own voice and their story with the audience was breathtaking.

It showed me that when you serve from a pure heart and genuinely want to see your clients succeed there's nothing they won't do in turn to support you.  That's what true impact looks like to me.  To witness lives change before your eyes in 3, 6, or 12 months that someone worked with you and know it's not you. Cheryl is one to share that yes she's good at what she does (because she is), but she'll also say it's because she's walking in her divine soul purpose.  Using the gifts places within to bless others.

In watching and learning from her I've learned that I can be authentically me and still be embraced by those I'm meant to serve.   All while having a husband and children that love and support me (an important thing to this single woman with no children). Cheryl, freely shares that part of her life within her brand.  So because of this and so much more that I can't go into because this is just a blog post, not a book.  I say this to you Cheryl,

THANK YOU!! Continue to speak your truth and spread your love. The world needs it, heck I need it still. 

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!