Women To Know - Making Black History Today

Day #2 - Claire Sulmers

photo credit:  Claire Sulmers  Facebook Page

photo credit: Claire Sulmers Facebook Page


On Day 2 of this journey into Women To Know - Making Black History Today, I am honoring the #1 fashionista of the digital world.  Claire Sulmers, the Founder of Fashion Bomb Daily.  Shes' a writer and editor that is in love with all things FASHION.

You see the connection already don't you?  LOL Not only do we have our love for fashion in common, but we're both women on a mission.  Claire's using her story to create change in the world utilizing her digital platform.  Her Blog!  Who said you could build am empire starting with a blog?

Through her website, The Fashion Bomb Daily (which gets 2.4 million monthly visitors) she has created a place to showcase love of the multicultural fashionista.  Daily this website challenges the beauty industry's traditional definition of what beauty is and what it looks like.  What I love about Claire is that she is constantly defying the rules dictated by Society's Box.  As an African American that graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, she is always showing us that we CAN do what others say we can't.

And do it well I might add.  With over a half a million followers on Facebook, almost 60 thousand on Twitter, and 1 million on Instagram, she's proving daily that you can create an empire doing something you love.  She could have easily stopped there, but she hasn't. She's recently released her new book, "The Bomb Life: My Brand. My Terms." In the book she's going to share with the world the 10 years of labor and determination of the life she had to live in order to build the life she wanted.  An in true Claire fashion it's been created with a self help component.  I'll be getting my copy tonight, what about you?

This breathe of fresh air has been my reminder that I can build the business I want, the way I want.  I hope that through reading this and learning more about Claire's work you will learn this lesson as well. Too many women in general and women of color especially are living the life that someone else planned for us. On someone else's terms.

And we need to STOP!

Because someone is waiting on us to be the example for them.  Just as Claire has been that example to me and so many others.  Just like someone out there has been the example to you, we too are an example for someone.  For me I know one of the best ways for me to honor Claire, the other women I'll be showcasing, and the countless others that have been my example is to follow in their footsteps and be an example too.

So when the road gets hard and I think to myself, "What the heck am I doing?"  I can go for to Claire's blog, yep Fashion Bomb Daily and get the encouragement I need.  Not only because I can view beautiful clothes and get behind the scenes of AMAZING fashion show like New York Fashion Week, but because I get Claire. And the real her as she shares the truth about empire building.  It's not always glitz and glam and 5 inch stilettos.

I get to read works like,

".... remind yourself that you really are blessed to write your own life story and keep f*cking going.  This is the narrative that happens behind the smiles on the ‘Gram.  To all my fellow entrepreneurs and creatives, know that I’m with you! And even though things get difficult, there are also those moments of absolute beauty, sheer clarity, and joy that ultimately make it all worth it."

Read the rest of this article "Being an Entrepreneur is Hard: But We Make it Look Easy. Wearing a Gucci T-Shirt and Gucci Track Pants" on her blog.

So I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you Claire Sulmers for showing me that my dream life is possible if I'm willing to go for it and reject society's constraints because I'm a woman and Black. And I can look fly while doing it!

That's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!