Discover Your Destiny Client Archetype

Within your business there are two Archetypes that you must focus on for your Brand.  They are your actual Brand Identity Archetype; this is to be related to the very essence of your Brand itself, the personality so to speak.  The second one is your Destiny Client Archetype which is the personality of the type of client you want to work with.  Yes your ideal client.  They maybe similar but not necessarily the same. 

For too long in my business I did not get specific as to who I wanted to work with.  Though I attracted clients I did not attract ones that made me EXCITED about getting up every day.  You know the ones that you’re just as hype to work with them as they are to work with you.  Getting specific means going a lot deeper than just knowing you’re talking to a 35 year old woman.  Even though narrowed down from the dreaded “I service EVERYBODY” it just simply isn’t narrow enough.

A 35 year old woman is a lot different than a 35 year old woman that is an entrepreneur making $60k per year who enjoys vintage fashion and is considered eccentric with her style.  But what if you could go even DEEPER?  And discover if your ideal client, the one that lights you up would be one that’s relationship driven versus idea driven or even driven by power?  Just think about how different a conversation you would need to have with someone that’s driven by different things?  That’s how specific you need to get about who your Destiny Client is “don’t dismiss the niche!”

I challenge to really think about the type of client that will light you up.  I mean the one where just working with them makes you excited to get your day started.  I believe that not only should we do the TYPE of work we love and are purposed for but that we should do it with the PEOPLE we enjoy and are destined to IMPACT.

Carl Jung is one the most famous people to use Archetypes.  There is a total of 12 Archetypes.  If you’re interested in seeing the type of person you’re drawn to work with you can take my Destiny Client Archetype Assessment.  Or even booking a Brand Domination Session that can help you as you begin to nail your niche!