Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #6 – Nicole Walters

photo credit:  Nicole Walter 's Facebook Page

photo credit: Nicole Walter's Facebook Page


Tonight is Day 6 of  Women To Know – Making Black History Today!  So far in this series you've been introduced to some amazing women who are doing big things in business and creating an impact along the way.   Well tonight is noooooooo different.

Tonight I'm paying tribute to ScOprah herself! No that's not a typo, it says ScOprah and that's what I meant!  The fabulous Nicole Walters with her illuminating melanin that she references in many of her Periscopes.  She's definitely an industry leader and an influencer in the livestream world.

But why do I love Nicole? I love her because she's unapologetically her!  She is very open about her love for God and being a follower of Christ.  She doesn't dilute her beliefs to appease others and she at the same time she is genuinely welcoming of people with all religious beliefs.  How does she do it?  By creating a platform with a foundation of love and respect of all people. Nicole Walters is the founder of The Monetized Life™ and the creator of highly sought after program $1K1Day!

She's one that invites all of her Richfriends into her full life.  As she shares the shenanigans that is her life with he loving husband affectionately know to all as The Hubbin and her 3 daughters she's been blessed with through foster care turned adoption.  But she also invites everyone into the tough times like how she quit her 6 figure corporate position LIVE on Periscope! Who does that? ScOprah that's who! She is always finding ways to walk out her journey in a way that allows others to see and know that they TOO can create the life of their dreams if they want to.

Shes is dedicated to showing entrepreneurs how to live a monetized life.  As an Income Strategist she  shows you how to create multiple streams of income in your  business from the very first day that you open your doors.   The other thing that I find absolutely wonderful about Nicole is the way in which she has created COMMUNITY.  Those within her tribe understand that it is a HONOR to be considered a Richfriend.  Just ask any one of them about the community that Nicole as created.

As impress as it is that she created a million dollar company within a year what's more impressive the bond that she's created with those that follow her.  And it's it's on display daily not only in how we (yes I AM a Richfriend) interact with one another, but also in the decisions she makes in regards to her business and where to take it next.  Her heart always leads her to do what's best for community.  It's what I watch and learn from daily.

And though she is someone who has shared the stage with great names such as  Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield, and Dave Ramsey, she remain true to her values and what she holds as most important.  And thought she has such an infinity for her community she has mastered how to still maintain boundaries as to not be overwhelmed by the thousands of people she is impacting daily.  I'm still learning that boundary things so it something that I admire about her.

It's wonderful to watch a woman wit such a liberated voice as Nicole's share so openly and yet still created such a viable business that is truly changing the lives of not only her tribe, but of her own family.  It's for this reason that I THANK YOU Nicole.  Thank you for being a role model in this way to all those that come into contact with you.

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!