Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #7 – Patrice C. Washington

photo credit:  Patrice C. Washington  Facebook

photo credit: Patrice C. Washington Facebook


This is Day 7 of Women To Know – Making Black History Today and I'm here to pay tribute to a woman that is greatly responsible for the fact that I am an Entrepreneur today.  She was literally the answer to a pray on January 8, 2014.  I told God I was tired of doing things the same as I had been doing it when it came to finances.  I needed help.

That morning I got into my car to head to work and turned on the radio and I began listening to the Steve Harvey Morning show as I had done every morning before.  However this morning it would be different it would change the direction of my life.  This particular morning he has a special guest on to speak about finances. The special guest was Patrice C. Washington, The Money Maven.  She was talking about her book "Real Money Answers for Every Woman".  I begun following her and learning from her from that day on.

Within the book she teaches about entrepreneurship as one method to change the trajectory of your financial legacy.  Creating more income is one way in which to speed up your financial goals, it has a direct impact on your financial reality.  The more I learned the more I understood that this was the path I was meant to be on.  Patrice uses the story of her rise and crash in the real estate market to explain why financial empowerment is so important to her and why it's been her calling in life for this season of her life.  

Watching Patrice over the last three years has showed me that it is ok to share the challenges you've overcome and use it to fuel the passion behind your message.  She often states that she had a passion for financial education, but it was her struggle that gave her the compassion needed to carry it out.  She believes the things that she goes through in life and business are experiences not only for herself, but they are for her to share so that others may benefit.  That they may have the knowledge needed to not go thru the same things she's had to overcome.  

It's been motivating to me as I've experienced Patrice walk out her dreams, because her dreams align with dreams I have for myself.  As an Entrepreneur it's important for us to find those that are 10 steps ahead of us instead of only looking to those that are 50 or 100 steps ahead of us.  Those that are 10 steps ahead will help to motivate us to want more.  Not only will they motivate us to want more but they help us BELIEVE that it is possible for us too.  When we only watch the Oprah's and the Tony Robbins' it's easy to get discourage and want to give up because we're not getting to their level fast enough.  But when you watch the Patrice's of your life they reinforce what's attainable for us all.

So THANK YOU Patrice for showing me what I can truly attain in my life and with my brand.  For showing me that if I'm willing to put in the work and truly have a heart for those who I serve, that my gifts will indeed make room for me.  It's been an honor to watch you blossom and I look forward to what is in store for you in the future.  

If you're reading this and are looking to answers for your financial struggles I introduce you to Patrice C. Washington.  You want to get to know her.  Patrice, my "Cousin In My Head" I appreciate you for doing things your way and modeling for those of us watching you that we can do the same.   

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!

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