How Do You See Your Clients?


Having paying clients is the way that sustain having a business as opposed to a hobby.  So it's no surprise that finding clients or customers is the first thing that new Business Owners are taught to be on the search for. When I began my Entrepreneurial journey all the classes and conferences I attended the first thing they teach you is to have your niche and establish your "target market", "ideal client" or "dream client". But it those terms just never felt right to me. And it had me thinking to myself...

"What's Wrong With Me?!

Why Can't I wrap my mind around these concepts?  Then I discovered it wasn't the concept that was the problem it was the terminology that wasn't working for me.  
I'm BIG on words and there meaning and how they feel when I say them. I'm often considered an over thinker because I definitely see things differently (I consider it being a Thought Leader lol)
So when I saw target market I instantly visualize a dart board or an archery scene and that's not how I wanted to view my clients....dream client seemed too day dreamy to me and not a tangible step. So I ha to take a moment to really ask myself one question.... 

How Do I See My Clients (past, current and future)?

I was sitting one day and thinking about working in my purpose and being on the journey toward my destiny and soooooooooo clearly I realized I wanted to work with the women that I've been DESTINED to work with. Those women that I was specifically designed to help. I teach this concept to my clients and it changes the game in their copy, visuals and even the programs they create...I challenge you to get DIVINE CLARITY on who are you DESTINED TO SERVE!  


I challenge you to get DIVINE CLARITY on who are you DESTINED TO SERVE?

This was definitely revolutionary for me and it's changed my business as well.  So after posting this in several Facebook groups that I'm a part of I thought I'd share it with you all as well. The response was overwhelming online so it made me realize that maybe others would benefit from at least being given a different way to look at the clients that they are working with.  Don't go into 2016 unclear of what your clients mean to you!