Straight Outta Compton Visual Campaign Gets It Right!

First, let me say that I CAN’T WAIT to go and see the movie Straight Outta Compton on August 14th!  It speaks directly to my generation who were growing up during the Hip Hop Era and this genre that became known as Gangsta Rap. However, even as AWESOME as that is, that is NOT what this blog post is about.

This blog post is about how the Social Media marketing team for this movie has gotten it right!  You could NOT have an account on any Social Media platform and have not seen the Straight Outta __________ (you fill in the blank with your Hometown) graphics.  They are everywhere!  I saw one or two here and there and then 20 and then my newsfeed was overrun with them.  They have everyone from celebrities to grandmothers participating in this campaign.  So for all my business owners, there are 3 things you could learn from their movement and use in your business.

1.       They understand their target market!

It’s is apparent that they totally understand their target market.  Those that grew up during the Hip Hop Era that the group NWA made their debut.  They were the group we loved and the group our parents hated!  They knew we grew up “REPPING our hoods”!  So what better way to draw us all in by allowing us the opportunity to Rep Our Hood one more time!  It’s important for you to know your target market and the way that they think so that when you create your branding components you make it a “No Brainer” for them to join in!  You speak to the very essence of who they are!  If you don’t know who you’re talking to directly then you won’t know what will speak to them.  I am sure this is something you’ve heard time and time again….there’s a reason for that!  It’s because this is an essential foundational component to your brand building!

2.       They created a movement that was easy to follow!

The next thing they did correct is that made it more than just a marketing campaign they made it a movement.  And they made it EASY to follow.  They prepared for what would take place when people caught on. They made the badge easy to create, nothing complicated about typing in where you’re from and adding a picture if you choose. I went and made 4 of them in less than 10 minutes.  Then all that was left for me was to upload them all over social media!

Stop coming up with campaigns that are difficult for people to complete and commit to.  You can’t have a movement without the people. So you need them to remain engaged in what you’re doing.  Also leave room for those not in your target market to embrace it as well.  The Straight Outta Somewhere Campaign has started something that they probably didn’t even expect.  People of all ages are joining in and even Business Owners have jump on this and began using it to promote their brands! Yes I am one of them and you should be too! 

3.       They understand the importance of Visual Impact.

The Visual Impact that this campaign is creating for the Movie is amazing!! With everyone joining in it keeps the conversation going.  People that aren’t familiar with the movie or even the record of the same name are using this graphic.  They are inquiring as to what exactly it is all about, this is creating even more buzz for the movie.  Ultimately we’ll see how this Social Media phenomenon translates into Box Office sales, because we understand it’s all about conversion.  However if the impact they are having online is any indication I will say that this will work out well for them. 

Same with your business, when you capitalize on your Visual Impact and you capture the very essence of your brand you can’t help but attract and convert your Destiny Clients.  They are excited and eager to work with you.  They are ready to take the next step and they are ready to tell everyone they know about you and what you offer. 

So follow the lead of the movie Straight Outta Compton and create Visual Impact for your business that will have the whole world “Reppin” you and your message to everyone they come in contact with.  If you want some ideas on where to start then get my free gift; “4 Visual Branding Elements That Impact Social Media”. Just remember that you only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of your audience with your Visual, make it count! Remember, how you show up matters! 

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