Women To Know – Making Black History Today

Day #1 – Tiffany Joi Lanier

photo credit:  Tiffany Lanier 's Facebook Page

photo credit: Tiffany Lanier's Facebook Page


So even though February is almost over I decided to use these final days to showcase some AMAZING women.  They are using their voices in BIG ways to create waves as Entrepreneurs and change the lives of those they come in contact with.

These women are truly making Black History TODAY!  The first woman I’d like to introduce you to is Tiffany Joi Lainer of www.livewithtiffany.com.  She’s a Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Conscious Leader Advocate.  She as a way of making her presence known from the kindness that exudes from every work she writes in her blog, newsletter or on social media.  Also, her infectious smile and signature big hair will pull you in every time.

Watching her as her vision has grown and expanded over the year that I’ve known her has been a pleasure to not only see but to experience.  My first interaction with Tiffany was when she spoke at a mastermind I attended in Miami.  It was my first time ever hearing about the importance of being present in every moment of our life, even in business.  She taught us practical exercises that we could do to conncet back to ourselves.  It was enlightening and illuminating for me and how I operated in my business.  I still use some of those grounded exercises today.

Most recently she’s started her community; called The Shift Society where she encourages Thought Leaders to be Core Creators and to Lead Consciously.  It’s beyond inspiring.  Do you have that person or persons whose newsletter you’re subscribed to that you HAVE TO OPEN AND READ? I mean every time the moment you get the notification to your phone?

                                …..I MEAN EVERY TIME?

…..Tiffany is one of those people for me.

The way in which she uses her voice to not simply motivate for motivation sake, but to truly shift you into action is done so gracefully and with such soulful intention.

Here’s an excerpt from one of her posts so you can see what I mean:

We all have something inside of us. 
Nudging us.
And sometimes flat out screaming at us--It's time to be extraordinary.

To be more creative. 
To make a bigger impact.
To leave the world better than when we were on it. 
To live a life more fulfilled.
To do work and run businesses that we care about that actually make a difference in our personal lives and the lives of others.

But somewhere along the lines we allow days, weeks, many of us years denying our soul these simple internal truths.

Read the rest of this and more from Tiffany on her Facebook page…. Tiffany Lanier.

If you’re a thought leader, a change maker, or someone with a message to the world you need to be following Tiffany

So on this day I say THANK YOU Tiffany, for all you do.  Know that your work is making a difference, because you’ve made a difference to me.  I honor you today! You are…

A Woman Making Black History TODAY!