Women To Know – Making Black History Today!

Day #4 – Torrie Pattillo

photo credit:  Torrie Pattillo 's Facebook Page

photo credit: Torrie Pattillo's Facebook Page


Day Four is all about Tor..... Torrie Pattillo that is! She's the Founder of Torrie Pattillo International. She's an Intuitive Business Strategist.

On any given day you can go to her page and learn about everything from crystals to soul-filled living to conscious business.  Always surrounded by her amazing community of Sacred Bestirs and of course GREAT food!  I mean every respectable foodie has to show you what delicious dish that they're partaking in and Torrie is that foodie. Just one of a thousand things that she and I have in common.

If you're an Entrepreneur that is anything like I was a few months ago and are tired of business as usual.  You've been labeled a misfit, strange, or different because you've never quite fit in then following Torrie is where you belong.  I found that out as I watched her take to the Periscope scene for the first time in the Summer of 2016.  Besides her unique ability to create sacred space around all those in her community she's one of the most BRILLIANT business minds that I've ever interacted with before.

The way she's able to force you to dig deep within yourself to see the truth about your gifts and talents. Let's just say it's breathtaking.  I've learned so much about myself from Torrie due to her love for work. And the way in which she fuses together MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) Test, Love Languages, Gallups Strength Finder, and soooooooooo much more soul level work that could never be articulated in this writing.

And as if her business genius and her sacred personality weren't enough to get her on my list of those women you should know... she's also an advocate for social justice. An activist.  She's not afraid to have those tough conversations and leverage her platforms to stand up for what she feels is right as a global citizen.  Whether she's sharing on her efforts to help feed the world's hungry, gender equality, or religious freedom to name a few.

In doing so she inspires countless others (including me) to muster the courage to do the same.  She shows that you can be multi-faceted in your convictions and create a brand with clarity.  Torrie is using her voice to show us all that you don't have to always "have it all together" or always be "polished" to be extremely effective and to impact many.  You simply must have a love for the people you serve and pure intentions for their greater good to be carried out.

I know you'd be hard pressed to find someone that has been in Torrie's presence whether in person or online that would say they felt nothing.  They learned nothing or gained nothing from her.  And I for one love her for that.

All lessons aren't designed to always go down easy. They don't all come wrapped in pretty bows or on the lips of the soft spoken.  Sometimes they come to your from a BIG personality, in your face, straight to the point, call you out, pink hair wearing Mystic Rebel; that challenges any and everything you ever believed to be true.  She's the guide that's here to challenge the "boxes" of life and tells you that you CAN DO IT!  You can do it ALL, do it WELL and with SOUL.

And she's a walking example that as long as you serve with your heart, lead with your soul and create impact with your income you can live the life of your dreams.  It's for this gift that I say....

THANK YOU TORRIE!  Thank you for changing my life, for giving me permission to live my truth and build my business on my own terms.  It's a gift that I could never repay you for so I this tribute can simply be a tidbit of a fraction of my gratitude to you.

And that's why I honor you! You are ......

....a Woman Making Black History TODAY!