Vision Realized


So if you know anything about me then you know that I'm an advocate of giving people the HOW and not only the WHAT and WHY.  Well it's no different this time either.  I work with a lot of creatives who don't lack vision.  They have vision for days; however they often have trouble knowing what steps to take to have their visualizations realized.

It often takes more than creating a vision board (though I do believe and know the power of them) and looking at it everyday.  I AM a fan of creating vision boards and journals, but the truth is you have to do MORE.  You must do 4 very important things.  What are those things?  DIVA you know I'm about to tell you! 


You must be specific in the vision you have for your business.  Don't just say you want to be a 7 figure company.  What does that mean?  You want to be a 7 figure company doing what?  How many months do you want to work each year?  Do you want your business to give back to the community?  Take a moment to write down the vision for your business.  Think long term and BE SPECIFIC so it's crystal clear.


Now that you know where you're going be honest with your girlfriend about where you are now.  I know the dreaded look in the mirror.  You must do it though!  When you do so you can see what path you need to take.  So now it's time to be intentional.  Don't overwhelm yourself and try to go from 4 figures to 7 figures in a month.  Instead create a plan to hit 5 figures with the knowing it's just one step in the vision goal.  If you decided you want your company to give back where to; see what you can do now.  You may not be able to write that big million dollar check at the moment, but you can volunteer once a month or write a check within your current means.  Do something to work towards your long term vision.  This is where goal creation comes into play.  Write your goals and then one by one create actions you can execute and will move you towards your vision. (Get a FREE copy of my Goal Creation Worksheet to help you with this!)


With a clear vision of where you want you business to go and a Game Plan that will help you get there, however you MUST be willing to make the necessary changes.  It is a common thing to discover that there are some changes you'll have to make. Because let's just be honest some stuff JUST DOESN'T WORK!  So it's no need in you holding on to stuff that's not working.  DIVA if that's you consider this your hall pass to just LET IT GO and MAKE THE CHANGE!  If you're a procrastinator and you want to have a successful blog you'll need to become systematic with your writing.  Or maybe you just need to do videos. There's nothing wrong with making changes, just consider them adjustments if it's easier to swallow.  I don't care WHAT you call it, I just want you to DO IT!   This is the very thing I help my clients  with during our Brand Domination Intensive Sessions.  Sometimes you need someone to help you get clear on the changes needed and necessary.


Making changes and moving towards our dreams are not always easy to do.  Things do not always go as we plan.  Even with your new strategic plan in place know that you won't always hit the mark.  Let me be the first to say IT'S OK! DON'T GIVE UP!

You must be flexible. Trust me as a certified planning addict I know it's not easy.  However, it's inevitable changes happen; plans get interrupted. Be willing to go with the flow sometimes as long as you remain intentional and focused on the ultimate goal.  You will get there.  Sometimes in the interruptions to the journey is where the best lessons and treasures are found.  In the grand scheme of things does it matter if you reach 7 figures in 5 years instead of 3 as long as you get there?  I didn't think so so stop beating yourself up!

Keep going and you'll see your vision realized.  I know you can do it! Surround yourself with other people who will not only support you, but that will hold you accountable.  Don't have a circle? Well DIVA you can join mine!! The Diamond DIVA Showstoppers is the place where Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Speakers can go to get support to live out their dreams.  So come on and Join Us there! 

So ok...get going.... it's time to for you make your vision realized! 

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