Your Voice IS ENOUGH!


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Your Voice IS ENOUGH!

I’ve been on this journey of personal development for about 2 years now and it’s increased within the last 6 months. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it. Personal development much like losing weight doesn’t happen overnight when done in a healthy way. Why? Because just like you didn’t gain those 5, 10, 20 extra pounds overnight, neither did you develop the beliefs, habits, and character you’ve got today overnight.

Well the past 5 weeks has truly been a turning point in my personal development. It all started with me making the realization that I needed to create a morning routine. That jumping out of bed at the last possible second and starting my day probably isn’t the best thing to do for my mind, body, or spirit. But just like with most changes I didn’t act on it, simply thought about it. I KNOW I’m not the only one that’s done that. So, I kept it to myself and kept doing what I’ve always been doing, all while wanting something different. CRAZY INSANE, RIGHT?

Well God has a way of continuing to show up with the same message until you get it. So, what happened, I rekindled with an amazing man and we one day we were talking and shares something with me. He tells me that he too has been doing some reading and watching videos and the one thing he’s found that all successful people have in common is….. YEP you guessed it…..


So we began getting up with him… a part of my new morning routine I have been spending a lot of time watching new videos. And one morning I was on the Mindvalley and was introduced to Marisa Peer. I watched several of her A-Fest talks and today I watched one titled “The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough” by Marisa Peer. (here’s the link to watch, I highly recommend it.

I agreed fully with everything that she shared in this talk. I even thought about how the number one aliment of many entrepreneurs is Imposter Syndrome and that at the root of that is “I’m Not Enough”. As a Creative Brand Strategist, I see this play out in a LOT of the Heart-centered and Mission-driven Entrepreneurs that I encounter; from clients to colleagues. I truly believe that the remedy to imposter syndrome is to own your WHOLE story, not only the written part of the past, but also the unwritten part that you're co-creating for the future. And that starts with telling yourself the truth as Marisa teaches… I AM ENOUGH!

I also had a conversation with another friend an AMAZING woman and great at what she does. Lisseth Wertz the CEO of Path To Yourself is a Quantum Leap Coach who guides awaken women in the art of conscious manifestation. She’s amazingly gifted. She taught me one fabulous truth about owning our story. We must decide are we here to keep wearing the story or are we here to shed light on the story. I’m going to let that sit with you for a moment….

"We must decide are we here to keep WEARING the story or are we here to SHED LIGHT on the story." ~ Lisseth Wertz

Immediately I thought of an old smelly coat (of course I would thing fashion…lol). That coat may have gotten you through some really tough weather and kept you warm, but know you have the means to have more would you pass an opportunity at a new coat to keep wearing that old and smelly one? Or would you gladly take the new coat and simply remember the goodness and the lessons that your old coat told you and share those lessons with others?

It’s from this place that you can stand in power and own your past and take responsibility for your future and live out your present. Forgive yourself and make the decision from this day forward to always choose the truth of the Divine. And what is that truth?

That you ARE ENOUGH and your voice is NECESSARY! Stop worrying about others are doing and even what they aren’t doing and focus on what you’re here to do…. and then DO THAT! I’ll tell you this, getting to this place is so freeing for me. I know that I have more work to do within myself, but I’m happy with the progress I’m making. I under my mission as well as my purpose and I honor it. I’ll share my story and I’ll share it often so that one of you or many of you will get the courage or the conviction to share your own.

Especially in this current state of affairs around the world it’s not a time for your voice to fall silent. It’s not a time for you to not want to support your sister as she finds her voice. I personally have never understood or believed in the old saying “Do as I say not as I do”. So, I hope that in sharing this time of growth that I’ve been experiencing will be you seeing me DOING as well as SAYING and be the spark that causes you to move as well.

Simply discovering your voice, or rediscovering it for that matter means nothing if you don’t use it. Use it to first speak greatness into yourself Empress and then speak to the Empress of those women around you. And not everyone was created to be an Empress, but whether resonate with being a Queen, Countess, Duchess, whatever your voice is necessary. Someone is waiting on you to tell your story so that they may have the road-map to their own destiny, why are you holding up their journey?

When you get to the place of truly want to create impact in your community and globally you will realize that it's not about you. It's truly about those that will be touched and transformed by your work.  It's in that moment that you understand and come to a place of knowing that YOUR voice is enough! YOUR mission is important! YOUR purpose must be carried out.    

This is my calling in life to start a moment of women that their brands are an extension of their voice, that their books are an extension of their voice. Even their style and how they show up online is an extension of their voice.  And you must use it fiercely and without fear. Lives are ACTUALLY depending on it. Let's go Empress we've got work to do!