In this time in History as an Entrepreneur it's silly to think you will reach your FULL IMPACT potential without a social media presence.  With new platforms emerging everyday and the social media giants getting bigger and more robust it's a reality you simply need to embrace.

It's time out for playing small an being hidden in the background.  There are things that you can implement right now to take your social media presence to the next level.

Trust me I understand the FRUSTRATION that comes from not knowing what to put out on social media.  Or simply living in a place of OVERWHELM because all the Experts are yelling in your ear.  Leaving you with a case of analysis paralysis.  The reason I've been able to see the success that I have seen is because I've discovered a way to be .... matter which platform I show up on.  No matter where you find me you KNOW it's The Diamond DIVA™ on your screen!


and I want to teach you how to do the same!

  1. There are so many social media platforms it's overwhelming, where do I start?
  2. How do I know what to even share?
  3. When I do post all I get is crickets! Why won't people engage?
  4. I feel my Brand is drowning in the sea of social media; I simply have no presence.
  5. I can't consider myself an expert without a degree in my field can I?

If any of these statements sound like you then the Brand Takeover By Social Media Makeover™ is FOR YOU!

Cycle One Begins!     May 16, 2016


I'm Famira, The Diamond DIVA™ Your Visual IMPACTologist™

I AM a divinely led Global Thought Alchemist™ with the Midas touch of Creative Brand Strategy who is a Globetrotting Fashionista!  I am also an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Brand Coach, and Brand Stylist, but really just an around the way girl at heart!  Love me some L.L. Cool J!  

I work with women who are multi-faceted, multi-passionate, and multi-gifted and help them to create a brand that incorporates ALL of who they are under one umbrella. Branding them to Show Up And Stand Out in the marketplace. 

For the trailblazing women I work with it's about more than the money; it's about creating change by any means necessary, no boundaries, no box. So if you're looking to collect cash, create change and cultivate global impact then I'm just the DIVA to help you!


during these 8 weeks, this program will help you


                       So glad you asked.......... Let me tell you! 


welcome/brand clarity

This is when you'll be welcomed into the course.  Never again be confused about what branding means and what it means for YOU and YOUR business. Learn what you must have in place to GET CLEAR about what you Brand stands for and will be remembered for.  No more confusion on where to start with social media. 


Client Description/Attraction

Discover the demographics, personality, as well as their wants and needs.  Know who you are talking to with laser precision so that you connect to the very soul of who they are.  How can you attract them if you don't know who you're talking to? Get specific steps to being attracting those clients that will give you shear bliss in your business.  It's time to tap into the clients that you were BORN to support and help to their next level. 


Brand Confidence/Messaging (Voice)

Are you showing up on Social Media as the expert you are?  It's time to stop playing small.  Gain confidence and become secure in your Brand's voice.  Learn how to create captivating copy that speaks the language of your Destiny Client.   Get the tools and techniques you need to be able to express your brand in not only words, but in tone as well.  I'll show you how to become the Pied Piper for tribe make your social media posts be music to their ears.


Content Creation Methods that Convert

Learn how to create a Brand Strategy that will help you GET ORGANIZED.  Create content that connects to your client emotionally and authentically.  Learn my 6 levels of content type for social media. Create Engagement Plans and a monthly Content Schedule that will increase your visibility and ensure consistency in your posting.  Learn the language of your tribe that turns them into raving fans ready to open open their hearts and wallets to you.


Visual Branding/Re-Brand

Welcome to my favorite part of the journey...I AM the Visual IMPACTologist™ after all! So during this week you will master all things visual with social media and your brand.  Haven't picked your colors yet? No worries learn the color psychology and how to find your Color Sweet Spot.  Also learn how to go through a re-brand or a design update with totally throwing your clients off with the changes!  Get ready to understand what having graphics that P.O.P. really means! 


Tribe Engagement Techniques (Packaging & Positioning)

STOP IT with the crickets already!! Learn how to get your audience participating and communicating with you on your platforms.  Find out how to get seen in Facebook groups and start creating your very own HOT Topics!  Discover your brand is properly positioned on Social Media or are you fighting an unnecessary uphill battle?  


Platform Techniques/ Consistency

We'll go through all the major Social Media Platforms and give you strategy and techniques for maximizing the platform.  I'll also show you how to determine which platform should get your most attention based on your desired audience.  You'll create a consistency with look, feel and voice across all platforms so that no matter where you show up people recognize your brand.  


Takeover Party

Graduation TIME!! You know what that's time to PARTY!! You've now got your necessary pieces to be completely FIERCE on Social Media.  So raise your glass as we toast to your success! 


What's Included?

  • 8 week course with Video Lessons
  • Workbooks and Worksheet Assignments
  • Private Community for Support
  • 2 Live Group Q & A Calls
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all content and any UPDATES made!
  • Plenty of Surprises..............

Cycle One Begins!     May 16, 2016

It's time to stop going around in circles and not get anything accomplished.  It's time to get intentional with your actions on social media. 


This Course Is For You If:

  1. You're ready to show up as the Expert you KNOW you are in your heart.
  2. You're ready to completely SLAY on Social Media - connect to clients, collect cash, and create change!
  3. You're ready to be consistent with the look and feel of YOUR Brand!
  4. You're ready to EMBRACE all of your passions and package them in a way that makes sense as you position yourself in the marketplace. 

I want to make sure that you take advantage of this AWESOME opportunity.... sooooooooo here's one of those surprises I spoke about! 

obtain dynamic domination!

Learn from My Chic Expert Friends! They will teach you how to dominate in all areas of your business! 

1.  What if I'm new to Social Media can I still benefit from this course?

Whether you are new to Social Media or been on it for awhile you and your business can still benefit from the principles and techniques that are being taught in this course.  If you're looking to TAKEOVER on Social Media then this is the course for YOU! 

3.  Do I have to be in a specific industry to get the most out of this course?

This course is calling to ALL Online Entrepreneurs that are looking to create a captivating experience on Social Media that will help them  connect to clients, collect cash, and create change! So whether you are in health & wellness, a coach, the beauty industry, a speaker, stylists of any industry this course will help you with your Social Media goals.

2. How long do I need to have been in business?

This course does not have any prerequisites of time in business.  If you're just starting your business then this class will save you from having any unnecessary headaches at the hands of your Brand on Social Media!  And if you've been in business for awhile and you're tired of taking that trip around the mulberry bush then you want to get registered! 

4.  Will I have access to a replay if I can't make the LIVE Q & A Calls?

Of course you will receive the replay!  I want to make sure that you get access to all the answers provided.  

5.  What outcomes can I expect from taking this course?

So of course I'd LOVE to tell you all these amazing things that your social media following will increase by a million percent and your bank account will increase by the same amount.  BUT I CAN'T AND I WON'T! However, what I WILL say is that if you DO THE WORK and are courageous to ASK YOUR QUESTIONS.... you'll walk away from this course with a new found clarity on how your brand is to SHOW UP AND STAND OUT on Social Media.  You'll gain new techniques that will help you create visibility and IMPACT.  

Are you ready to takeover?!

money back GUARANTEE

This program comes with a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee.  While I know that the content provided in this program will aid you in your business I do want those that are READY to invest in themselves and their business.  So if you submit proof that you are participating in the course (your complete workbooks, worksheets, and other homework given) I will be happy to honor your refund within those first 7 days.