It's time to create true impact!

Heeeeeeeeeey Empress!!

If you've found your way to this page that means I know a couple of things about you....


  • You're a Visionary! You have a big vision of how you want the world to be and even more importantly how you want to be a part of making that vision a reality.
  • You're a Trailblazer!  You know that the way you want to/are doing business is going to shake up your industry and you're here for it all.
  • You're a Rebel! You despise the box and everything about the box.  You're finding every way possible to bust loose.
  • You're a Empress! You KNOW you're doing more than "business as usual" you're building a global empire that will create change and leave a legacy.

So what's missing?

 I know that's the question that I kept asking myself.  I know all these things about myself and I know I'm walking in my purpose, but it's still just not clicking.  I had built a business, I had built a brand, but I wasn't able to reach my full potential of reaching those I was destined to serve.  Then I finally figured out what I was missing....I wasn't being BRANDpactful™! 

What does it mean to be BRANDpactful?

It means having a BRAND that has transcended business only.  You have created a place for people to not only gather and learn from you, but you are transforming lives in the process.   


If you're ready to:

  • Learn my 3 part signature system of infusing soul, strategy and storytelling to be more BRANDpactful™
  • Learn that storytelling in branding is more than just telling a good story.
  • Learn how to create content that is clear and consistent to your community.
  • Get to the Nitty Gritty and DO THE WORK to usher your Brand into a new level.

then this is for You!

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What's included:

  • Welcome Packet
  • 18 X (90 minute) Private Coaching Sessions with Me to be used over 6 months
  • Access to Soul of an Empire Group Program when it launches (Spring 2018)
  • Social Media Makeover Design Package
  • Pre and Post Session Updates.
  • Recording of all/any Coaching Sessions and revisit any coaching at your own convenience.
  • Email Support via laser coaching for the duration of your program
  • VIP upgrade option includes: Website and Branding Design


**ONLY Accepting 6 clients per year**

It's time to get BRANDpactful™!





I am an Empire Architect and Founder of FAMIRA Media Group. I'm also the Creator of the #EMPRESSnation Movement. (Find out more and join us at


I help Heart-centered & Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Creatives by tapping into my intuition and innovation. I teach them to use the power of infusing soul, strategy, and storytellingto create a brand empire that allows them to create influence, impact and income, while being inspiring.