As someone that operates simultaneously in the right & left brain.  I see so often how my Creative Visionaries get stuck in the big picture because they can’t find the steps needed to execute the details.  Just as my detailed-orientated Thought Leaders lose sight of the full vision because they have tunnel vision in the daily goals.

Both the creative visionary’s eye for the big picture and the detail-orientated Thought Leader’s goal setting expertise is needed.  Let me help you to create a strategy that will not only enhance your current strengths, but that will give you specific steps to help you in the areas that don’t come as naturally to you.  

This is where the Creative Brand Strategy Session can help!

During our session together we will work on the area you need the most guidance in.  You’ll chose one of the following areas to focus on during your session.

  • Brand Clarity – During the Creative Brand Strategy Session on we will help you to:

1.    Discover your unique Brand Essence what your brand will be remembered for. What is the true legacy that your business will carry on after you’re gone?
2.    Brand Positioning is a key component for any Brand in the marketplace.  Determine what your position is.
3.    We’ll work together to get in place Brand Goals for your Brand that is based on what success looks like to you.
4.    Pinpointing your Brand Voice to attract your ideal destiny clients.  Learn how to use that voice on social media to speak directly to your intended audience.

  • Brand Mechanics – During the Creative Brand Strategy Session on we will help you to:

1.    Uncover your Brand Tribe beyond the basic demographics.
2.    Content is King, but it’s only effective if it connects with your intended audience. We’ll create a Brand Strategy for your content both online.
3.    Is your Brand Identity in alignment visually? Let me show you the areas that you need to address in your Visual Branding.
4.    Brand Design is important!  Make your graphics pop so that they attract your intended audience.   

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