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You have an impactful story that can change the world but it's falling flat.

Do you know that you have a powerful brand that can truly help people; but you're just not connecting with them?

You're even struggling with one of the following:

  • knowing which parts of your story to share

  • how often to actually share it

  • and how to weave your story into your brand in a way that makes sense

This was me after gaining clarity on exactly the women I'm here to serve.  Those that are Visionaries, Trailblazers, Mission-Driven and Spirit-Led Women Entrepreneurs.  I still found myself struggling to connect with my true soul-aligned tribe.  I had people in my community but I longed to connect with those that just seem to "get me".  They were there, but few and far in between, and I wanted to connect with more of them.

At that point I was already a 5 time bestselling & international bestselling author so I understood the importance of storytelling.  However, I never really thought to weave it into my brand.  Thankfully being the observer that I am I began studying brands that I love such as Mindvalley, Lexus and Allstate; along with major personalities like Oprah, Richard Branson, and Lisa Nichols.  As I observed I noticed how they all weaved stories which displayed their beliefs, desires and missions into their brands.

And it hit me like Duh!

So I began watching HOW they did it and began implementing it myself as well as developing my own techniques in the process.  Soon I began attracting those I'd been longing to work with. Now I have women that I absolutely adore working with as much as they do me and I invite in more daily.  More just like you! 

And guess what?

You can do it Too!


Soul-Expression is the essence of who you are.  If you know who you are and why you’re here, but can't ever fully express it, it doesn't really matter because no one will ever experience YOU. When you look at your brand does it really represent you at your core and what you stand for?  Can someone who doesn’t know you see the way in which you show up and not only know what you do but know what your mission on this planet is? If you’re a Visionary, Trailblazer, Mission-Driven and Spirit-Led it’s critical for this to be clear in how you show up.  Especially in the online space. Are people draw to you because they see themselves and feel connected to you?


If you're ready to unleash your brilliance on the world in a new way, that will finally call in your soul-aligned tribe. Then it's time to Brand Your Story!

During this 90 minute session we will:

  • uncover the gaps in connection within your brand

  • discover a deeper level of clarity on the stories to share with your audience

  • calibrate your message in a way that doesn't allow you to overshare

  • co-create a strategy on who to weave your story into your brand.


Often, I see women only playing on the surface level when it comes to how they show up, afraid to remove the mask and be raw before the world.  There’s the fear that people won’t like what they see, or that you won’t be taken seriously or maybe even the opposite is true and people will love it and then what?  If you’re honest with yourself you know deep down in your soul that you’re here for much more than “business as usual”.  You’ve heard the messages being whispered into your spirit. You’re meant for GREATNESS and your impact will be VAST. 


I mean you are an Empress after all and Empresses come to run Empires. 

Not sure what that looks like?  Well that’s when you make the decision to co-create with someone that is gifted in this area.  And I’m that person that can help you.  

I want to invite you to participate with me in a 90-minute

Brand Your Story Session

You will walk away from the session with a knowing as well as an implementation strategy that will allow you to continue to build upon and expand the work we started in our session.  Building your brand and your business should be a very organic extension of who you are when you’re aware of it at a soul level. 


If shrinking is no longer on the menu for you then I invite you to step into your full Empress power and make the shift.  It’s time for your voice to heard in the fullness in which it was designed to be expressed.  That is when you will really begin to have the impact that I know you desire, because you will be speaking to the hearts of those you’ve been called to serve. I know you're ready to bust free from the boxes and shackles that have been keeping you quiet and weighing you down for so long.  


It's time to change lives by taking the first step in creating a brand that infuses storytelling, strategy and soul! 

I have 8 slots available for women that make the decision to take this step towards the freedom of their own soul expression I’m offering the Brand Your Story strategy sessions at the special investment of

only $497!

So don’t hesitate, if you know that you’ve been wanting to work with me or that what I’ve shared here is exactly what you’ve been looking for get scheduled today below!