You know that in order to have the impact your soul truly desires you must reach people on a larger scale than what you're currently doing, so you go to your online real estate to take inventory.  What you discover has you frustrated or maybe even sadden.  There's a lot of chaos in the way that you're currently showing up online.  And chaos in the sense that there is no true brand recognition happening.  You're not standing out in the marketplace in the way you know in your heart you should be.  

The desire is there, however what is the practical way to make that happen without having to spend thousands of dollars with an amazing brand designer like me.  And you DEFINITELY don't have time in your already overwhelming schedule to add anything else time consuming. 

Trust me…..


I get it!


And you're NOT ALONE if you're feeling this way!  This is a common thread with all of you that are apart of my sacred tribe. That's why I created From Chaos to Consistency: Branding Social Media and Beyond Workshop being held Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 1pm est.  

This will be a 3 hour workshop!  You'll get more than just concept and strategy. I'll be showing you the HOW TO and sharing with you how to use systems that will allow you to create an amazing brand presence and how to do so with consistency across all social media platforms.  

It's time for you to up-level the visibility of your brand and it doesn't have to be overwhelming in the process.  


What will be covered?

  •  How to create and repurpose content across platforms

  • Micro trainings on tools that you can use to create consistency (ex. Canva, Headliner, and more!)

  • Time management techniques to reduce overwhelm in creating content that connects


I’m ready to secure my seat!


June 30, 2019 at 1pm est


Who is this For?

This is for you if:

  • you're feeling overwhelmed keeping fresh content coming for your audience.

  • you're struggling creating the time to be productive in your brand.

  • you've thought about giving up because you're not getting the brand recognition you desire.

  • you simple need to increase your brand's visibility in the marketplace. 

This not for you if:

  • you've got it all together.

  • you're enjoying the level of engagement you desire with your audience.

  • your brand is recognizable no matter where it shows up online.

  • you don't believe consistency matters when building a profitable brand online.


If you know it's a HELL YES for you and you're ready to move from Chaos to Consistency then secure your seat now.  There are only a limited number of seats available. 

I'm over this workshop at the introductory rate of $222 (valued at $597) and to make it a no brainer offer if you sign before May 26th you can take advantage of a 2 payments of $150 option as well!! 

And don’t worry if you can’t attend live there will be a REPLAY given!


See you in the workshop!