are you a new entrepreneur that knows you need to brand yourself but don't know where to start?

or maybe you've been in business and are finally ready to rebrand or brand yourself correctly?

the bottom line is if you're currently have a dull brand or a non-brand then you're......

in the right place!!


"dull to DYNAMIC!" is a 5 week Self Study Program designed with YOU in mind!  

I've had several of my SHOWSTOPPERS tell me that they would LOVE to work with me in my 1-on-1 Coaching Program, however right now their Brand Budget just wouldn't make it a reality.  They like you have a desire to SHOW UP & STAND OUT and so I created this program to help address that desire.

What's GREAT about this program is that even though it's designed to be done in 5 weeks because it's a Self Study you can take as long as you need.  So if you need to spend extra time on one of the phases that's totally up to you! This allows you NOT to have to be handcuffed to your computer and even though it's Self Study


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I'm Famira, The Diamond DIVA, Your Visual IMPACTolgoist™! I love having fun, I embrace my UNIQUENESSand my quirky fashion sense.  I'm girly girl and tomboy at the same time!  I am an analytical creative so I can meet you where you are.

       My purpose in life is to encourage and empower women and teen girls to SHOW UP & STAND OUT!  To guide them on a path toward true & complete CONFIDENCE and SELF-LOVE without need of PERMISSION!  Showing them how to move past the coping and let go of the mask and to walk upright as the SHOWSTOPPING DIVA they were born to be without APOLOGY!


      Well I operate in this purpose by helping women Social Change Agents, like you, visually brand themselves so that you SHOW UP turning heads as you STAND OUT!  With my creative gift and strategic knowledge I help you make the money you NEED to create the IMPACT you WANT in order to CHANGE THE WORLD!


Program rate: until 11/15/15

$499 or $99 down

Payment Plan includes 2 additional payments of $200 each (3 weeks apart)

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It goes up to $599 at midnight est on 11/15/15

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so glad you asked!

there are 5 phases that will be covered. They include.....

in this phase we'll cover.....

  • Dig deep and define your WHY for creating your brand.
  • Discover your definition for SUCCESS!
  • Understand the gap between where you are NOW and where you want to GO and create a plan to bridge that gap.
  • Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals and the strategic plan to accomplish them.
  • Establish your personal CORE VALUES!


  • Sort thru your current clients to DISCOVER your Destiny Clients.
  • Create your DCA (Destiny Client Archetype)!
  • Make your brand irresistible to your DCA by knowing how to solve their needs.
  • Become crystal clear on how organically grow your TRIBE!


  • Define the benefits that your DCA gets from working with your Brand.
  • Create a compelling Brand Essence that is authentic to who you are.
  • Learn to Show Up & Stand Out with your Brand Voice!
  • Uncover your God-Given Genius and build upon it.
  • Establish the Brand Journey that your DCA will go on to get them their desired results.


  • Let's Talk Color....Find Your Brand's Color Sweetspot!
  • Find Fonts that will convey your Brand Message marvelously!
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of Imagery choice mistakes.
  • Time for a Pinterest Party!


  • Evaluate create Services/Products to ensure they are meeting the needs of your DCA.
  • Solidify your Brand Promise!
  • Discover the 4 Levels of Services/Programs that you should have in your business.
  • Learn my Package Pricing Formula!
  • I'll also walk you thru the Business of Pricing.

Each Phase will be released weekly directly to your inbox. The Release will include:

  • A Weekly Video Class of the information being covered in that Phase. 
  • Each Phase comes with a Workbook and supplemental Handouts.
  • Unlimited access to a PRIVATE Facebook Mastermind Group of other DIVApreneurs in this program with you.
  • One (1) thirty (30) minute Laser Q&A Coaching Session.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to this course! Any updates that come out you'll get access to that as well.  

OVER $600 in bonuses! 


Bonus #2

(valued at $97)


Bonus #1

(valued at $420)

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Bonus #3

(valued at $97)




$499 or $99 down

Payment Plan includes 2 additional payments of $200 each (3 weeks apart)

Secure Your Spot Now!

Price goes up to $599 on 11/15/15 at midnight est!

If you join "dull to DYNAMIC!" you get 10 days from time of enrollment to dive into the program content. If for any reason you don't believe this program is truly what you've been looking for then provide us with proof of all COMPLETED work (including Workbooks and Handouts) and we'll REFUND your investment.