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"Working with Famira has altered the way that I’ve showed up in my business! She’s not just “some designer”. She’s a true Strategist with the ability to help me understand the true difference between a Brand and a pretty site. Also, the importance of establishing a Brand for where you want to go and not where you currently are. Her working to get to understand your voice, how you want to show up, who you want to serve,  the experience that you want your clients to have, and importantly the experience that YOU want to have in your business. With all of that, we were able to create a strategy that worked for ME and my tribe!
She never tried to make me fit into a box, instead she helped me to define my own! Which for me is extremely important. Cookie cutter never worked for me, so when I found her talking about “using your own voice, and creating a brand that actually represents you” completely resonated with my personality.
I’m pretty much an open book, but also selectively private. She challenged me to tell more of my own story and share more of myself with my audience. With her encouragement and helping me to understand the importance of telling my story to those I’m meant to serve, it truly changed the game for me. For that, I couldn’t thank her enough!"

/ Kalvina Shelton /




"Working with Famira, was so much more than I expected. I thought this would be an intellectual experience where I had to explore colors, pictures, and perhaps font themes.  
In actuality, it was far more valuable.  She asked questions that really made me think and drill down to the core of who I am, what I want, who I want to work with and why.  I experienced many aha moments where I was shocked at the wisdom that was waiting to come out with her guidance.  We did in fact work on colors, feelings and font choices, too. But Famira gave me clarity; an absolute clarity about my own purpose and the bravery to go after the ideas in my heart and head.  One of the greatest entrepreneurial coaching experiences ever.  FABULOUS!"

/ Steph Stanford /



"Working with Famira has been a life changer not only in my business but especially in my life. I’ve always struggled on the “how” of expressing myself and mostly with my brand for coaching business. Writing copy for my website and blogs in general has never been on my strongest gift. Expression in general in the written form has been my struggle bus! Coming from a Corporate America background, where writing is so structured and neat, letting lose was difficult for me.

After taking her writing workshop last year, she taught me how to just tap into my true authentic emotion, no fluff and keep it as raw as necessary. She showed me how to be unapologetic with my words in order to attract my ideal tribe of clients. Plus how to express yourself through your branding beyond the fonts and colors. Famira, gets you to focus on just telling your STORY and how it’s possible for you to pull in all the other elements within your branding, on how you SHOW UP in your business and your life!

This is where she naturally shines, getting you to tell YOUR STORY with ease and grace!


/ Eva Ponce /





"Famira is my branding Sister! Let me expound, she did more than just show me the art of creating a visual brand,  from her design perspective as branding GENIUS but she took the time (many moments) to teach me how to consistently brand myself even when her hand was not involved- and without me having any prior skills or knowledge of design or branding" I trust Famira completely with the my brand, both  business and my ministry. She is the only person that I can go to with seconds to spare and she can guide me in the right direction concerning brand consistency - because of her I am the HEX CODE queen! But it is deeper than colors and fonts, Famira connects with the human spirit of the brand and that is what separates her from the ALL of the rest. Did I say ALL of the rest?! I tell my clients that when they are really to get their brand life completely right - get on  Famira's calendar for a brand consultation NOW!"

/ Dr. M.E. Porter /



"Famira is simply amazing. She defines what it means to be an empress of her craft, and she goes beyond what every other brand strategist. Empress Famira taught me that branding is more than colors and fonts, but about the experience and story that I lead my soul tribe through. She takes a daunting process and broke it down so that it was accessible to me, possible to implement, and more than anything allowed ME to authentically infuse my soul into my work. I literally take a breath of fresh air after working with Famira because FINALLY I feel clear and at ease with my brand image and marketing. Lastly, working with Famira is a soul reassuring process. She makes all the crazy-making and ideas in my head make sense, and synthesizes into a cohesive picture and strategy. Famira doesn't just call herself an Empress. She IS one!"

/ Aleia Mims /