working on something with your brand and hit a snag?


maybe you're creating an email marketing campaign series and stuck on nailing your brand voice!


have you been creating a graphic or updating your website and just want an expert eye to make sure you're still in alignment with your brand?



You just can't image how many Women Entrepreneurs that I encounter that are frustrated and the issue their having could have been fixed quickly or more efficiently.  They could have saved themselves a lot of time and a lot of money if they had simply been able to contact someone LIKE ME to help them out.  

So now all you have to say is........


Your wish is my command! Let me be your Branding Genie! I have created a package that will allow me to be at your disposal for when you just need some help without an entire Branding Session.

The Fix Me Famira Session is for you if:

  • Wish you had the knowledge and skill set of an Expert Brand Coach & Brand Stylist on your team.
  • Tired of wasting time searching for the answer on your own. When you could be doing money making activities.
  • Don't need an entire program, but do need someone to help you connect the dots for you!
  • You are a Trailblazer with limited time on your hands, I mean you are conquering the World right? 


  • Four (4) 20 minute Laser Coaching Session
  • Can be used over a period of 6 months

only $297

this is exactly what I've been looking for! sign me up!

Schedule your first 20 minute session below. You'll then be prompted to purchase your package.  Once you do you'll receive a link to use to schedule your other 3 session when needed over the next 6 months.  

Have Questions?  CONTACT US!