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Untapped Magic + Undiluted Message = Magnetized Tribe

What if I told you that in order to connect with your sacred tribe that the magic is in your message?



No matter what level you’re currently showing up at, deep inside you know you’re not showing up in your full potential. You’re ready to stop feeling disconnected from your full power. The truth is you KNOW you have a BIG soul-purpose and, on some level, it scares the crap out of you. You struggle to see how to break it down on a level that your audience will connect with and your sacred tribe will be drawn to. There’s a magic within you that you haven’t tapped into, because it would mean stepping fully into your GREATNESS!

I mean you’re a Trailblazer after all. So, you have ideas coming in on overflow. You’re Multi-passionate so you totally want to do all the things. And no matter how much someone tells you to “stay in your lane” or “focus on only one thing” that just doesn’t feel good to your soul. Others view you as a Rebel, someone going against the grain. However, for you, you’re just YOU!

It’s time to unleash your ultimate message because you understand that this is the foundation on which your Soul-Inspired Empire™ must be built. You also realize you can no longer afford to not more forward in building it. 

That’s where the

Manifesting Your Message Cornerstone

One Day Intensive comes in!

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  • Clarity and the refinement of your ultimate soul message

  • You’ll identify the stories from your own life that will connect you with your community

  • A strategy that connects you to your Sacred Tribe by understanding their Sacred Tribe Archetype™

  • A 4-Week Content Plan that fosters consistency across your platforms


So, if you’re ready to:

  • Tap into the bigness of your calling

  • Stop feeling stifled when using your voice

  • Build your empire on your undiluted message

  • Increase engagement and attract soul clients


Then Manifesting Your Message Cornerstone VIE (Very Important Empire) Intensive is what you’ve been looking for! Just imagine that in a couple of hours together you can create a plan so that you no longer agonize over what part of your story to share and when? That’s exactly what you can accomplish in our time together.

What can you expect from your audience?

  • Understanding your Sacred Tribe Archetype™ will allow you to create content that attracts your audience like a moth to a flame.

  • The clarity in your messaging will act as a natural filtering system so that you only attract clients that you're just as excited to work with as they are to work with you.

  • Establishing this cornerstone in your empire will make creating the rest of your Soul-Inspired Empire flow with ease allowing for greater impact within your industry.


What's Included:

  • Up to 4 hours, that comes with breaks as needed.

  • One 60 minute Follow-Up, that will allow me to access what steps may be necessary for your best results. (This session will take place 30 days after the Cornerstone to allow time for IMPLEMENTATION!)


Complete the application now!

Let’s get you started towards laying the foundation of your Soul-Inspired Empire™.