hello to my sisters in social change!

so glad that you're found your way here!  if you're here then there's a couple of things that i already know to be true....

1.  YOU'RE A VISIONARY! You see the BIG picture around you.  Often times others around you can't see what you see.  Not everyone will get it, but you're not alone!

2.  YOU'RE A WORLD CHANGER! It's about helping people live a better life for you.  It's so much more than the products/services that you provide.  You're ready to change the world one client at a time.

3.  YOU'RE A SHOWSTOPPER! Whether you realize it or not I know you are because I attract AMAZING SHOWSTOPPERS into my space.

Are You Done Hiding Backstage?

I was! 

does this sound familiar?

are you ready to......


* Experience a new level of VISUAL IMPACT with your social media platforms.

* Finally have a brand that visually ALIGNS with your message so that it resonates with your Destiny Clients.

* Tap into your UNIQUE VOICE & SIGNATURE STYLE and live your Brand's #BeautyOUTLoud; for it is a reflection of your purpose in this World.

* To make the money your NEED to create the IMPACT you WANT!

* STOP being your Industry's Best Kept Secret and be your Industry's SHOWSTOPPER!


Exactly Who Am I?

I'm Famira, The Diamond DIVA™ Your Visual IMPACTologist™  I AM a divinely led Global Thought Alchemist™ with the Midas touch of Creative Brand Strategy who is a Globetrotting Fashionista!  I am also an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Brand Coach, and Brand Stylist, but really just an around the way girl at heart!  Love me some L.L. Cool J!  

I work with women who are multi-faceted, multi-passionate, and multi-gifted and help them to create a brand that incorporates ALL of who they are under one umbrella. Branding them to Show Up And Stand Out in the marketplace. 

For the trailblazing women I work with it's about more than the money; it's about creating change by any means necessary, no boundaries, no box. So if you're looking to collect cash, create change and cultivate global impact I'm YOUR GIRL!


      Well I operate in this purpose by helping women Social Change Agents, like you, visually brand themselves so that you SHOW UP turning heads as you STAND OUT!  With my creative gift and strategic knowledge I help you make the money you NEED to create the IMPACT you WANT in order to CHANGE THE WORLD!



So are you READY to start creating YOUR SHOWSTOPPING BRAND? Well there's 2 ways to work with me on your brand; in my 90 Day 1 on 1 Coaching Program or in my 8 hour VIP Intensive Program

Well let me answer your next question.......

1 on 1 private coaching program

90-DaY program

  • 1 - 60 minute Welcome Session
  • 6 - 90 minute Brand Coaching Sessions
  • 1 - 60 minute Brand Guidance Session
  • Brand Mood Board Creation
  • 6 month Showstopping Strategy & Execution Plan

know that you're ready to get started? then apply TODAY!

90 Day Program

8 hour Intensive

The diva has people talking....what are they saying?


So you've read a lot of information and I know there's a lot to take in. So if you're still wondering if this for you, hopefully this will clear that ALL up!

this is for:

  1. The DIVApreneur ready to get her message out into the World in a BIG way.
  2. You if you KNOW that you are here filled with PURPOSE and you're ready to do the necessary work to fulfill that purpose.
  3. You because you understand the importance of collaboration to ensure the authenticity of your message.
  4. Those that TRUST the creative process and are open to flow within it.
  5. My SHOWSTOPPERS who are ready to STOP hiding backstage and take your place upfront, center stage, in the spotlight because you know that's where the people you are here to serve are waiting!
  6. My Sisters in Social Change TRULY ready to SHOW UP & STAND OUT!

this is not for:

  1. Those comfortable remaining backstage and playing small.
  2. Those who feel the need to micromanage and can't allow the creative process to flow.
  3. NOT committed to process and NOT ready to do the work!
  4. You're NOT ready to invest in your business.

still not sure?

Maybe you're not sure if the 1-on-1 Coaching or the VIP Intensive is the best fit for you....

        or maybe you're not even sure where your brand stands.  You just know you need a change but not sure if this is where you start or not.

well i can help!

Let's talk!  Complete the application and schedule your Diamond Introduction call with me! When we talk, I will give you specific feedback on your brand and tell you things you can do TODAY to create my Visual Impact.  Just click the picture below!


I look forward to helping you create the Showstopping Brand you deserve!!



Come on Let's Change the World!