In today's online business world I see many brands making one of these 3 mistakes. 

You have people telling stories with all strategy and NO soul..... the product? ....boring.... icky and.... salesy money made but no impact

You have people telling stories with all soul and No strategy.... the outcome?.... touching.... people love it.... no money made but impactful

You have people telling stories with NO strategy and NO soul .... the end result?.....WTH? What are they talking about?.... no money and no impact because nobody knows what the hell you're talking about. 

And this is where most people get stuck... in one of these 3 places. The problem? For the Heart-centered and Mission-driven Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, and Creatives this is like the story of Goldie Locks & the 3 bears but none of the beds fit so there's NO happily ever after. 

The place you want to be while in business is to be the one telling stories with strategy AND soul! So that you're impactful AND profitable! If you really pay attention to successful brands they are both! And you should be too!

This is where the foundation of the principles of my FREE 2 week mini course;  Soul of An Empire™ are grounded.  I will be teaching you how to make sure your are building an Empire Brand that includes all three of these principles. It's through this that you will be able to create influence, impact and income, while being inspiring. 

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HOW will this course be delivered?


I will be teaching this course LIVE!  You'll have access to the following:

  • Daily Livestream at 6pm EST (replay available if you can't attend live)
  • Daily Action Guide with Soul of An Empire™ assignments
  • Access to Empress Nation™ my Community of Empresses on the journey with you! 

What will we be covering during these 2 weeks?

So glad you asked! Welp let me break it down for you....

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Because who doesn't like a good party? Besides, I like to have fun! So this won't be your normal boring ole Mini Course!  So get ready to laugh and dance!  Yep I'm the Empress of the Dance Party! ssssssssssssshhhhhh Not everyone knows about that side of me, but you'll get to experience it first hand....TRUST ME Registering is worth it just for that... LOL! 


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The brand of your empire is much more than graphics and logos, but you know that already!  What is it really about? It's your unique and divine essence in story form.  Think of your favorite brands and the stories they tell that drawn you in.  What is the essence of your brand? Do you truly know yours? 

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Yes, you are an Empress whether you realize it or not.  Today is about connecting with YOU, the empress, not who you think you are. Gaining clarity on your Soul's Purpose and tapping into whose truly meant to run your Empire! 

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Now's the time to answer your important questions that are the foundation to building your brand.  Tapping into what fuels your passion for your work.  The story that got you to the point of wanting to serve others, to see lives changed?



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We all have that reluctant storyteller within us.  You know that one story you know you NEED to share, but you're just not sure how to share or even why you must share.  This is where you must tap into the Warrior Empress within you and embody the Lioness' courage.   It's time to tap into the most powerful parts of your story to ultimate impact.

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Learning to embrace your contradictions and weave them into your brand sets you apart from others in your industry.  Take for example I'm tomboy AND girly girl, as well as creative AND strategic. The very things about your personality that don't seem to go together are the VERY things that make you stand out! Let me help you find them and celebrate them! 

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Because nothing you'll learn will matter if you don't implement it right?

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I speak to women all the time that struggle with what to share and how much to share.  I'll settle this conflict for you once and for all! 


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Don't you just HATE it when you feel like you're sharing online and that you're talking to yourself?  Been there and done that!  It's time to silence the crickets and get your Soul Tribe talking! 

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Is your posting on social media on automatic?  Time to discover how to create some post magic with your words. You'll actually learn how to step outside of the box and discover your own unique way to post that will captivate your audience.

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We all know that Video is the Queen of Content on social media!  It's time to do more than Boss up; it's time to Empress Up!  It's Lights, Camera, ACTION time! 

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Time to step out and embrace your Crown.  You're an Empress ready to Reign her Empire! Infusing soul, strategy, and storytelling to create an EPIC brand!

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Yep it's time to get to work and keep it up! 

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I am an Empire Architect and Founder of FAMIRA Media Group. I'm also the Creator of the #EMPRESSnation Movement. (Find out more and join us at http://bit.ly/empressnation)


I help Heart-centered & Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Creatives by tapping into my intuition and innovation. I teach them to use the power of infusing soul, strategy, and storytellingto create a brand empire that allows them to create influence, impact and income, while being inspiring.