are you struggling to connect with your audience online?

or maybe you're looking for ways to get more visibility? 

DIVA, let's face it, Social Media is here to stay! And there are more people getting online everyday.  It is ESSENTIAL that you create a strategy to get your story heard.  One of the best ways to do that is with Visual Branding.  As of 2016 there are 2.3 BILLION active social media users.  Yes you read that right! Just think about this....

And that's as of 2016!

In this time in History as an Entrepreneur it's silly to think you will reach your FULL IMPACT potential without a social media presence.  With new platforms emerging everyday and the social media giants getting bigger and more robust it's a reality you simply need to embrace.

It's time out for playing small an being hidden in the background.  There are things that you can implement right now to take your social media presence to the next level.

Trust me I understand the FRUSTRATION that comes from not knowing what to put out on social media.  Or simply living in a place of OVERWHELM because all the Experts are yelling in your ear.  Leaving you with a case of analysis paralysis.  The reason I've been able to see the success that I have seen is because I've discovered a way to be .... matter which platform I show up on.  No matter where you find me you KNOW it's The Diamond DIVA™ on your screen!

and I want to teach you how to do the same!

  1. There are so many social media platforms it's overwhelming, where do I start?
  2. How do I know what to even share?
  3. When I do post all I get is crickets! Why won't people engage?
  4. I feel my Brand is drowning in the sea of social media; I simply have no presence.
  5. How do I create a brand that is recognizable no matter what platform I'm on?
  6. And most importantly how do I do all this and truly connect with my audience in the process?

join me for the art of storytelling!

And I'll answer all your questions and MORE!  This will be a 2 hour Masterclass unlike anything you've ever experienced.  You'll walk away with not just theory, but with ACTIONABLE STRATEGY! I'm digging deep and sharing my juicy secrets with you on how I've built a brand that people recognize before ever reading a word of my copy. Sounds GREAT right? Because this going to be such a deep dive I am keeping it intimate.  I kept the original live class only opened to a small number. BUT based on the feedback received I am now opening it up for more women to get this valuable information.

that means you!


If you're an Entrepreneur whose ready to confidently build your empire in this Online space, don't hesitate secure your spot TODAY!  Let me put my Branding Super Powers to work for you! 

also watch as i walk an entrepreneur through her facebook business page and her website giving her practical feedback to uplevel brand! tips you too will be able to use!

small version of famira.png

So I hope you'll join mefor this AMAZING 2 Hour Masterclass.... The Art of Visual Storytelling!   And if this is our first time meeting, I Am Famira, Your Creative Brand Strategist & Designer! And creator of

I have the Super Power of Divine Creative Interpretation and I’m here to revolutionize how Creative Dreamers & Trailblazing Visionaries SHOW UP & STAND OUT in their Soul Purpose.  I’m here to LIBERATE the voices of all those I come in contact with and create a flow that fuses together the ART * BRAND * SOUL of your business. But most importantly I’m here to start a REVOLUTION to eradicate the destructive vice of “the box” that’s been holding so many women hostage for too long!

got questions? I got answers!

1. Since it is no longer LIVE, how can I get my questions answered? ~ You'll get access to my email to get all your questions answered via a form created especially for you within the course. This is not a drop off type of don't take it and get dropped off never to hear from me again. You can also access the special thread I have created on Facebook to get your questions answered and to access any other feedback that others have shared along the way.

2. Is this Masterclass theory only? NOPE this theory coupled with strategy! I did LIVE Brand Coaching during the Masterclass which you'll be able to glean information and techniques from even though you're not the one being Coached. I'll be sharing my screen and walking you through examples of brands doing it RIGHT!

3. It's only 2 hours, how much can I really learn? ~ Trust me 2 hours is enough time for me to pour into you so that you're able to walk away with tangible steps to implement immediately following the Masterclass. Will it give you EVERYTHING? Of course not, that's not realistic. However, it's much more than you can probably imagine.



If you still have questions then simply drop me an email at

so that I can get them all answered for you!