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 What many Entrepreneurs think about brand storytelling is wrong.  They miss out on key components causing a lack of alignment ----> loss of engagement ----> no connection -----> and ultimately means missed financial goals.

And yes I know your heart's desire is to create an IMPACT in the world BUT's let's be honest it's also to create INCOME. Dollar Dollar Bill Ya'll!! So that you can take care of your family, travel, have a level of freedom you're not currently experiencing and to simply be a position to do what you want when you want. 

So in order to do that you need to spend time on these 3 components of your brand.

  1.  Brand Essence

  2. Brand Experience

  3. Brand Visuals

All 3 of these things need to be in sync for optimal affect.  And before you quote your favorite "guru"..... YES you can have a level of success without any combination of these 3 things.  But my question to you will always be...


In 2019 let's do things with highest level of quality, why don't we?  Stop playing small and STOP creating small brands in the process.  Instead create a framework of where you see your business 5 years from now.  Let me help you with my Ultimate Brand Design Package.  It's a year long program that will provide you with a quarterly design strategy and brand elements to promote your brand, services, programs from a soul-inspired place.  


I'll sit down with you once a quarter to uncover what you're launching for that quarter and together we'll go into co-creation mode.  Included each quarter are the following elements:

*60 Minute Design Strategy Session

*Brand Mood Board Creation - focus on Social Media/Launch

*Social Media Badge Templates (5 designs)

*Facebook Banner Design (2 banners)

*Twitter Banner Design (1 banner)

*Video Cover Slide (1 graphic)

*PDF Template for Lead Magnet (1 single page design)

***items designed can vary to suite your current needs for the quarter***

Because of the intensity of the work we'll do together I'm accepting 12 clients into this project for the ENTIRE YEAR!  Secure your spot at the inaugural investment of $997/qtr (with a 12 month commitment) or with a full pay option of $2997 (a savings of 15%+)


So if you're ready to grab the attention of your soul tribe for the year of 2019 then this is just what you need.  I look forward to helping you bring your vision to life. 

Let’s Do This!