Are you a New Entrepreneur with a message to share but limited in funds to invest to get it out?

Your brand doesn’t have the impact you want, but don’t know what to do about it?


You know that you have a message that is meant to change the very world that we live in. It consumes your every thought and it is the very fuel that keeps you going.


Whether you’re a full time Entrepreneur or part time your desire to see your business grow is unwavered.  With so much with you it’s frustrating to see all the beautiful brand around you, but not to feel as though it’s in reach for you.

What will you learn during these 4-weeks?

  • Become clear about your brand message and tap into your Divine WHY!

  • Have the Visual Impact needed to attract the Destiny Clients of your dreams.

  • Create the type of Brand Essence that if all the words were removed your tribe would still know it was you!

  • Discover the joy and Fun of color, fonts and patterns and how when applied correctly can Uplevel your brand.

How does the Visual Impact Academy work?

  • We will meet on Thursday evenings at 7pm est for 90 minutes (60 minutes class and 30 minute discussion session)

  • Replay will be available to students on Friday by Noon est.

  • Students will have Homework Assignments to complete to create their ShowStopping Brand.  Homework will be due the following Tuesday after class by Noon est.

  • Private Mastermind for all Academy participants!

Then once you have finished the 4 weeks of the Bootcamp come to the end and all the homework has been complete you will schedule the BRAND IN A WEEK portion of the Academy

Yes you read that right!!

I will take all of the work we’ve done over the 4 weeks and build each person the beautifully branded website that will establish you as the SHOWSTOPPER you know you are! You’ll also receive Facebook and Twitter Banners and a Brand Introduction Badge to announce your new Brand Launch to the World.

  • Website (via  SquareSpace, paid separately by Student) - 5 page website

  • Facebook/Twitter Banner

  • Brand Introduction Badge (1)Brand


I know what you’re asking, Famira I get 4 weeks to build my brand up and create the community I want AND I’ll get my Branded Website in one week???


What’s the cost for something like that? $3000, $2000?

No for less than $1000 you get ALL of this!

$997 is the investment for the Virtual Impact Academy! (payment plan available)

Because of the website building portion of the Visual Impact Academy I can only have 10 participants, so don’t hesitate and secure your spot TODAY!  

Remember there are only 10 Seats available! 

So if you're ready to have the Brand that gets noticed, gives you more confidence, and finally matched your World Changing Message then The Virtual Impact Academy is for you! I look forward to working with you!